My pushchair of choice

When you are entering the world of parenthood for the first time, a pushchair/pram/travel system is one of, if not THE biggest purchase you’ll make – and they don’t come cheap! Research is essential to make sure you find the right choice for YOU (seeing as you’ll likely be using it daily) as well as getting to a store (if you can) to test out a physical demonstration.

I found it quite difficult to find enough online critique when exploring the new (and rather alien) world of buggies and prams, so I’ve decided to review and promote the system I ended up choosing, in case this helps anyone out there looking for a pram/pushchair combo with similar lifestyle and factors that I had to personally consider…


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Fair Verona

When most of us hear ‘Verona’, I’m fairly convinced we all want to burst in to a speech of “Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we lay our scene…” reminiscing the story of Romeo & Juliet and William Shakespeare’s infamous script of the tragedy.

A few weeks ago me and my ‘Romeo’ visited Verona, as part of a mini break to Italy (including Lake Garda and Venice – future blog posts to follow) and I had to share my experience of this beautiful town in northern Italy…

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Spring/Summer 2016 Wish List

I know my blog isn’t “serious fashion” – there’s enough blogs out there to cover that – but I do like odd piece of fashion… I am allowed to enjoy style even if I am no style icon!

With January far gone (hurrah) and February’s winter chill hopefully coming to an end soon, I’m excited about spring – a new season to brush away the cold cobwebs and either dust down our colourful wardrobes or invest in new finds…

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