Spiralling in to control (with a courgette)

OKAY OKAY! Yes it’s January and yes it’s time to “get back on it”, but becoming a “health freak” is not in my DNA, nor do you want to see me grumpy due to lack of food.

My passion for food simply doesn’t give me the option to give up carbohydrates – ever – so please be assured I am not here to say “lose the carbs”.

Circa 7 years ago I lost nearly 4 stone (after a long medical problem causing excessive weight gain from a bunch of different drugs and treatment) and I didn’t give up carbs then, so why would I now? Everything can be enjoyed in moderation and weight can still be lost if you stick to a healthy and realistic program.

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Eat in the wild, down at Neal’s Yard

A lovely laid back Saturday, mooching around London’s Covent Garden with one of my best gals, and we found ourselves in the magical and iconic hideaway that is Neal’s Yard. In an instant you’re faced with inspiration, a handful of independent businesses promoting creativity and wellbeing.

With my job, I’m fortunate enough to experience many London eateries for breakfast and lunch meetings, so I made a pact with myself to be selective with restaurants that I blog about – ones that I am REALLY wowed by.

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