We were on a break!

Every time I hear “We were on break”, like you most probably, I picture Ross Geller in F.R.I.E.N.D.S shrieking this caption when trying to justify his behaviour whilst on a relationship ‘break’ from Rachel Green and I am thrilled it inspired the title for Lindsey Kelk’s latest book.

I caught up with the best selling author and someone I’m happy to call a friend (and a fellow cat obsessive). We snapchat our cats to each other, which is TOTALLY NORMAL.

Here Lindsey talks about her new book, blogging, cats (obvs), her beauty faves, WWE, how she has to take it as a compliment when her stories inspire other writers (to quite often write very similar storylines) and more…



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Meet the Editor in Chief at HELLO! magazine

Having worked in the magazine world for some 12 years, I have often been asked what it was really like. I’ve been asked “Who’s the worst celebrity you’ve ever met?” and “What is Kate Middleton really like?!” – I am a brand marketer so I’m not often privy (first hand) to all the behind the scenes gossip in the world of celebrity and fashion. I do however, often get asked “Is it really like Devil Wears Prada?”

Don’t be so surprised, some “Devil Wears Prada” types do exist (which can be really boring and laughable), although they don’t tend to be as bad as you might think. They certainly don’t all wear Prada that’s for sure!

Editor in Chief of HELLO! magazine, Rosie Nixon, juggles a full time high profile job whilst being a Mummy to two kiddies under the age of three. Somehow she also finds the time to write. Her debut novel The Stylist came out earlier this year, with a paperback version now out too, and I managed to pin her down for a Q&A here at Flamingo Monroe to chat about the book’s inspiration, an insight in to her career and how to get your work noticed…


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The life and mind of Lindsey Kelk

I’m so excited about this guest post, like SO excited! Lindsey Kelk, the uber fantastic best-selling British author has written a guest post for me here at Flamingo Monroe! Lindsey gave us the I Heart series, and other hits including About a Girl and Always a Bridesmaid, and is also an inspiration to many wannabe novella writers out there.

I’ve admired Lindsey for a while now. Her cheeky and witty writing style is second-to-none and I bet all of us in our 20s and 30s who read her books relate to the story lines in some capacity. We all think we’re a bit of Angela, mixed with a bit of Jenny, combined with an ounce of Tess, right?

Having got to know Lindsey over the last couple of years, we often exchange email chat between London and LA (her current home) covering off all our common ground – from cats, thyroid issues and family tragedies, to annoying taxi drivers, driving in America and cocktails. She’s pretty funny to follow on Twitter & Instagram too.

LindseyI hope you enjoy this little exclusive insight in to her world – her career, her relationship, her cats, her LA lifestyle, why she left New York and overcoming a tragic 2014 losing her mother and both grandmothers.

(She’s also very kindly dropped in a few tips for any aspiring writers out there.)

Here we go, a glimpse in to the life and mind of Lindsey Kelk…

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