Smoothing ‘n’ Juicing

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I heart my IKEA flamingo tumblers!

A blog post for all you boys and girls!

No one wants a smoothie or juice recipe that is either complicated, time-consuming to prepare or painful on the purse (i.e. especially the raw/organic ingredients) – the novelty and commitment can wear off quickly…

I know this, speaking from experience, where I’ve slacked when the feeling of bother and expense becomes a burden…

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Raising a healthier bar (that is REALLY tasty)‏

Photo 05-05-2015 20 50 58Having completed one 26.2 mile marathon in my life, I can’t quite remember how my *dear* friend convinced a number of my girlfriends (including moi) to enter a half marathon this summer.

I think it was a combination of a few Gin & Tonics on New Year’s Eve, mixed with conversation about planning a girly Ibiza getaway which involves wearing bikinis, in public, on a beach, surrounded by one’s gorgeous girlfriends…

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Deliciously Nom

As you may have read from my last post, it’s important that I make as much effort as possible to look after myself – for health reasons (and not just for dress size and a positive state of mind).

photo 4Don’t get me wrong – I love gauging on all the naughty things (I have a weakness for Oreos and dining at Byron burger and Wagamamas). But I do have to make efforts to balance the baddies out with the goodies as often as I can, otherwise we’d all see the effects, right?

Last week I got the Deliciously Ella book – a recipe book full of hundreds of healthy recipes that are actually filling AND treat a sweet tooth too…

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Using my *courgette* loaf

Photo 01-02-2015 11 32 50Continuing my sudden love for courgettes, I decided to experiment and bake my first courgette loaf – with a twist!

The reason for blogging this recipe, is that my Mum officially quoted this cake as “sensational”, “prize winning” and “sell-able” and insisted I blogged the recipe immediately! So I’m blogging this by way of cake trademarking!!

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Spiralling in to control (with a courgette)

OKAY OKAY! Yes it’s January and yes it’s time to “get back on it”, but becoming a “health freak” is not in my DNA, nor do you want to see me grumpy due to lack of food.

My passion for food simply doesn’t give me the option to give up carbohydrates – ever – so please be assured I am not here to say “lose the carbs”.

Circa 7 years ago I lost nearly 4 stone (after a long medical problem causing excessive weight gain from a bunch of different drugs and treatment) and I didn’t give up carbs then, so why would I now? Everything can be enjoyed in moderation and weight can still be lost if you stick to a healthy and realistic program.

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Mini Chocolate Cakes (Christmas ain’t over yet!)

It’s not quite the new year yet – as in, there’s still time to over indulge in our favourite treats before going through the traumas of trying to lose the festive fat in January…

Photo 27-12-2014 14 59 21 (1)

Father Christmas was exceptionally kind to me this year. He gifted me with a KitchenAid Stand Mixer (in raspberry pink – he must know me so well!) – I like to think I must have been a good girl this year to be on his nice list! 🙂

The first thing I made using my new toy was mini chocolate cakes…

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