It’s not all about Social Media

Disclaimer: Not a post to blow my own trumpet. For those of you know know me will know that. is. not. me.
This week has been busy (despite the chicken pox hitting my household causing chaos #facepalm) but I’ve been able to secure the following PR for my beautiful clients:
* A radio feature on BBC Essex.
* A two-page editorial (plus cover mention!) in a gorgeous Essex-based glossy magazine.
* A feature in our local newspaper.

* Bringing to life not one, but two amazing and heartfelt campaigns launching this weekend/week. Both have a positive message and a self-love aspect which our society NEEDS. One involved a beautiful photoshoot too.
Anyway, my point being that IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA. Not all your ideal clients are in the social space. Where are they? Where do they obtain their news and information? What media do they consume?
I’d say PR is around just 5-10% of my work (PR budgets for many are tight and many titles need/request advertising commitment – sadly). But PR and other forms of marketing are still really important for brand awareness and getting seen at a number of touch-points.
So that’s my thought for the weekend. I did have a YouTube video planned this week – but when the pox hit something had to give. WE’RE ALL HUMAN.
Anyway, about this photo I’ve used in this blog – so this specific road in Paris is clearly now on my travel list. I spotted this photo on @marthabrookldn who FYI makes the prettiest stationary ever! 💗
Have a lovely weekend everyone. X
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 15.42.57

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