Hello, it’s me. 

I started writing this post after having a much needed summer off from a difficult first few months of 2018. But as I wrote the word ‘summer’ I realised it’s mid November, and then when I came back to edit I realised the Christmas lights are up in my town, the heating is on and I’ve taken my almost 2 year old to visit Father Christmas for the first time. It’s now December.

Where has the time gone, so many of us ask ourselves and on a regular basis? 

It’s no secret, as I wish for an open forum in life, to enable transparency, trust, positivity and more, but late 2017-spring 2018 came with it’s challenges and after juggling too many balls I wanted and needed to focus my energy on myself and my purposes. As we all do from time to time, right?

However, I can see rainbow for 2019…

None of us are mermaids, unicorns or robots (sorry to disappoint any of you) and I had to admit that I couldn’t do everything – be a mum to a toddler, focus on my exciting growing business goal to be a local freelance marketing go-to, managing various home DIY/building projects whilst going through repeated woes in the fertility department (gulp, there I’ve said it) and so I admitted defeat on a few aspects of life and thus this beloved blog was one thing that had to take a back seat for a few months. Simply put – I had to prioritise. 

(Thank you to everyone who has messaged me to ask if I’m still writing and if I’m here and okay!)

I’ve always been fairly private on this blog about the nitty gritty behind the scenes and being one of those annoying “I’ve got a secret but not going to tell you” people when it comes my on/off ‘health’ issues, and although I’m still not ready to go ALL OUT, I hope the above hint is enough to acknowledge my desire to open up on such taboo conversations (perhaps one day) but also to offer clarity and to admit I’m only human after all – perception is everything, especially when you follow a blog or an Instagram account and all you see if total perfection. You never really know what’s going on behind a person’s closed door…

We’ve been living in Leigh-on-Sea for just over a year now, it’s the best move we could have done with so much on our doorstep and our time here exploring has been liberating, refreshing and inspiring.

And since we moved here, Leigh-on-Sea has been voted as the #1 happiest place in the UK to live. Perhaps my influence haha! (Joking – I’m not that arrogant!) It’s a wonderful town with so much opportunity, and countless small businesses where I’ve have fully founded my feet in providing marketing support to a number of aspiring and talented people. Supporting local is the most satisfied I have EVER felt in my entire career. Every penny counts, every ‘loss’ is a learning and every ‘win’ no matter how big or small is celebrated. For me, this beats every national media title I ever worked for, every red carpet I was lucky enough to walk and every perk or kudos that came with those worlds that are now no more than a distant memory. It’s a HUGE bonus, to which I’m eternally grateful for, that I can manage my own diary, still play a substantial parenting role and work from home, sometimes even in my PJs sporting a top knot! (And no one need know!).

Doing it like a Mother – or trying to at least…

I’ve learned a LOT being self employed, experiencing some financial peaks and troughs (the troughs really can cause some sweaty palms) and the need to think outside the box finding ways to be proactive, reactive, helpful, provide a service and to try and stand out in my field. The peaks though are fantastic – when you’re recommend to others and receive good critique is the BEST because it’s all come from YOU and not from a strategy or directive set out from anyone else. I’m 9 months in to it now and it’s been an eye opening yet a rewarding journey. If you’re remotely tempted and able to start your own business or a little business/hobby on the side, doing something you love, I really recommend it.

What a difference two years makes… My wee boy is growing up fast…

Henry is TWO. Whenever I see a Facebook memory any time from the last couple of years I can’t get over the change and development. He’s settling in at nursery really well (he goes 2 days a week), has some lovely friends, I still take him to a couple of toddler groups/classes in the week and we go swimming and soft play when we can. He’s very active, very chatty (mainly to just me and Daddy!) and is developing a funny sense of humour, has the loveliest nature and yes I’m completely blinded and biased by my own love for him!

Here’s my favourite photo from his little annual Christmas shoot. I love this Elf jumper, kindly gift by Next…

#Mumlife – getting crafty with our Christmas cards this year Henry made for his little friends…

Sometimes I never know what will happen, even when I turn my back for two minutes…

And we often head down to the beach, just 5 minutes away, even on chilly days it’s still beautiful…

So there you have it – radio silence is officially over. I’ve got a few things coming up in the pipeline – business, blog or personal you wonder? You’ll have to wait and see and watch this space, or not – up to you. 😉

For me, and for us all, 2018 came with some brilliant highlights. But I know 2018 will have been hard for many out of you out there, reminded to me just this week bumping in to an old friend who I haven’t seen for many years and who is going through raw and unexplainable grief. My heart, thoughts and prayers this Christmas, is especially with those who are going to find this time of year difficult.

Thank you, as always, for reading (and if you’ve made it to the end of this post you’re truly wonderful) and I’m wishing you all a fantastic Christmas and a healthy, happy and all round amazing 2019.




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