Henry’s summer wardrobe from Next (and packing tips)

While I dusted down some of my old beach dresses, a couple of one piece and tankini saviours (having chucked all my bikinis away – because no one wants to see this midrift) and a few colourful pairs of flip flops and pom pom sandals that make an annual appearance, Henry was loving life on our family holiday to Spain wearing a fabulous summer 2018 wardrobe from Next.*

In this post I’m sharing Henry’s holiday fashion on our recent trip to Spain and also some tips about what clothing to pack for your toddler/kids when travelling abroad during the warmer months.

Having to select just a small number of fun, natural and memorable photos from around 500 I took,  (whilst sifting out about 200 blurry shots – because toddlers don’t sit still for photos) has been a difficult task to say the least…

I’ve linked all of the outfits, including mine, at the end of the post…

I never know what I’m wearing until I get up each day let alone packing for me AND Henry’s holiday wardrobe with limited luggage space. For Henry, I had a hard task trying to imagine outfits for day time and night time. The easiest solution was to get a variety of tops and bottoms and to simply mix and match!

My cool dude in his flamingo print tee! Needs must when your mother has a flamingo obsession…

Must not forget breathable shoes. I’m only used to Henry wearing closed shoes and socks that actually their feet need to breath – just as ours do. Good quality sandals and open/breathable shoes were invaluable for our trip and Henry was happy and comfortable walking and playing in them.

Peek-a-boo, hide and seek or a wee strop?! I’ll let you decide! 😉 Either way, this photo is one for Henry’s 18th birthday album…!

Swimming outfits was top of my wish list as well as a swimming hat. You can never be too careful in the sun with our babies and the outfits help to keep littles one warm in an unheated pool whilst protecting their vulnerable skins from the sun’s rays…

Living his best life as Buzz Lightyear for the pool.. A Toy Story fan’s dream!

Keeping cool on the beach! And remember to think lightweight, washable fabrics for messy play, messy beach and messy eating!

I recommend packing 3-5 bottoms – on rotation throughout your holiday (we were gone 6 nights). They’ll get grubby and covered in all sorts (i.e. sand) so it’s good to have bottoms that will work with most tops so it’s easier to mix and match each day. If you pack all new outfits for every day you’ll end up struggling on luggage space!

These dinosaur print shorts are my favourite. I loved putting Henry in a brightly coloured tee with them for out and about during the day.

I’d also suggest having a suitable pair of shoes for the pool and beach, i.e. non fabric ones that won’t get ruined! These shoes were a life saver for the beach – easy to rinse out and dry after a trip to a sandy beach.

The face your toddler makes when he is excited for his daily lunch portion of spaghetti bolognaise to get messy with…

Consider getting some soft lightweight pijamas – ideally a new pair for each day or every other day. I found Henry sweated a LOT on holiday, especially during the night and his teething dribble was also off the scale. Not forgetting the amount of after sun I was applying to him…

I packed two tops per day – one for day and one for evening. During the day they’ll get covered in sun cream and sweat whilst in the evening you may want to dress them up a bit smarter – or something clean at least. Both day and night tops will undoubtedly get covered in food though! If you’re lucky, you may get to reuse one or two tops throughout your holiday.

Considering the heat in Spain at this time of year, I’d always advise reminding ourselves to pack clothes that are lightweight, breathable, cotton and practical. Your toddler is not quite ready to chill beside a pool for 8 hours with a book (we parents wish haha) so be prepared to spend many hours going for walks, entertaining them in however means necessary…

It’s easy to get carried away when packing holiday outfits. We pack so much already for our kids, but in an ideal world you’ll roughly plan your outfits in advance, try and reuse items like shorts/skirts and shoes as often as you can. Every bit of luggage space counts when you have other things to pack like toys, bottles, nappies, wipes and more wipes!

For those of you with daughters reading this, you may already be planning a holiday wardrobe full of lightweight dresses – a pro to being girl I guess! No outfit combinations to worry about and less space taken up in our cases (when we get older we tend to go the other way and over fill it with accessories, shoes and makeup!).

Cool, bright and fun would describe Henry’s  summer 2018 wardrobe, just like him. Henry is showing himself to be an energetic and creative character and to me, he really suits wearing colour…

A quick note about vests. I only took a couple which he wore once. It was too hot for Henry to need a vest under his tops and the only time I used them was one afternoon when he napped wearing just a nappy and a vest!

Lastly, don’t forget an airport outfit. Kids,  like us, need to travel in comfort. Remember your destination and the weather upon landing back home. For us, it was cooler in the UK than in Spain (no surprise there) so I dressed Henry in a cosy tracksuit. So make sure you have an outfit planned with your destination’s weather forecast in mind. Also, it’s often quite chilly on aeroplanes too!

As promised, here are all the links to the outfits Henry wore on his holiday to Spain, all from Next. He wore 18-24 months in all items and turned 18 months a week after our return, so they’ll easily last for the rest of the summer season. In shoes Henry currently wears children’s size 5.

As for. me, the items I wore from Next were:

For those  interested, we stayed at the Riu Chiclana, near Cadiz on the beautiful south coast of Spain. We booked hotel and flights separately to get the dates and airports that suited us best (flights were from Stansted Airport with Ryanair to Jerez).

I hope this post has been useful to you if you’re planning your kids summer holiday wardrobe – or even for sunny days out near home. If you have any other tips I’d love to hear them!

Thank you for reading and to Next for working with me on this blog post.

Camilla X

*This post is a blogger/brand collaboration, in association with Next.


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