Occasionwear from Mamas and Papas

Spring is finally here (I think? I feel like I say this a LOT lately) and the drop of all things “new season” i.e. fashion, wedding themes, travel and other celebrations is upon us. Also, not forgetting, there is an exciting Royal wedding just around the corner (as well as a Royal baby too). One of my favourite baby brands, Mamas and Papas, have launched a new Occasionwear collection for the summer season ahead, bringing us some truly beautiful pieces for your little ones to wear for any celebration.

I was delighted to have been sent a selection of gorgeous clothing from Mamas and Papas, for Henry and his little friend Emilia to model to celebrate the launch.

Shoot day was a lot of fun, and also “cute-overload”, so do scroll down to see our Occasionwear shoot for Mamas and Papas

You may now kiss the bride!! Wedding season is looming, what will your little ones wear?

I’ve tried to keep this post light on the text, because let’s face it, when it comes to Royal weddings and cute photoshoots, we all only want to see the pictures!

The outfits Emilia and Henry modelled are incredibly versatile. Great for weddings (or as guests of weddings, even Page boy and Flower girl outfits came to mind), or maybe Christenings and Naming Ceremonies,  birthday celebrations, summer parties, holidays and even just for Sunday best!

Emilia was an absolute dream model, paying attention whilst Henry is often off exploring (I feel the need to take a stair gate everywhere we go!).

Henrys bright and electric outfits have made me want to book a family holiday in the sunshine!

So dapper is my (almost) 16 month old boy! I look at these photos and wonder where time is going. His last photoshoot was just 4 months ago and he’s growing up so quickly.

And he has also become rather cheeky!

As many will know, the quality of Mamas and Papas clothing is always of high standard. The attention to detail, especially of the beautiful dresses modelled in this post by Emilia, is impressive and you can always be guaranteed longevity with their fashion – we know their items can be worn and washed time again with no deterioration in quality.

From metallic spot tulle dresses to crochet rompers and broderie anglaise skirts, little girls will feel like Princesses themselves. As for our little Princes, there is a great variety to choose from – blazers, linen pieces and bright shirts can be mixed and matched to create fun yet smart looks.


Is this love?! (Or confusion!?)

By now, Henry and Emilia had warmed to each other (clearly!). These moments stole the hearts of the photographer, Emilia’s mummy and myself during the shoot.

And again!

I’ve been friends with Emilia’s mum for 23 years. I hope Henry and Emilia will be friends for life too. Seeing a friendship evolve from a young age is just lovely…

“Shall we dance?!” said the 16-month old boy to the just-turned-one year old girl…

We did get some very cute posed shots, but I’m such a fan of the candid photos captured. They tell such a cute story, highlighting their pure innocence and uncomplicated way of thinking. #heartemoji

One final outfit change! However, back to my favourite shirt for Henry. I love the (detachable) bow tie this shirt comes with…

I really love this blue dress from the collection…(so cute!)

And that was the end of our shoot, but our photographer got a few final ones of Henry on his own. I love this photo below, it’s as though it was all a dream, as he looks in the chair and wonders, “Where did she go?!”

“This doesn’t look like Emilia…”

“Was it all a dream?”

I’ve absolutely loved working on this collaboration with Mamas and Papas, the photos not only have given me the chance to create a sentimental piece of content for my blog, but have given me photo and friendship memories I’ll cherish forever. Lots of photos for the album!

I do hope you’ve seen some outfit inspiration for your little ones for those special occasions this summer. Be sure to visit your local Mamas and Papas store and don’t forget to browse online too.

Thank you to our fabulous photographer, Jackie Soilleux, an Essex based photographer who specialises in newborn baby, children and family photoshoots. Find her on Facebook by clicking here. Photographing babies and active toddlers is far from an easy task, let alone getting such great shots too.

And of course thank you to Emilia and her mummy Anna for being such good sports. Anna has been a friend of mine for 23 years, and it’s truly wonderful to be able to create these memories together. Our children are just three months apart and it’s lovely to see their little friendship blossom.



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