Natural reliefs for hay fever

Hay fever season is upon us! Are you ready to help prevent and ease those symptoms? From itchy eyes to runny noses, have you tried any natural and kinder remedies to help soothe?

If you want to avoid going down the medical route and taking too many over the counter drugs and remedies, here are some natural solutions to soothe symptoms and support the immune system for all peak pollen months…

1. Quercetin And Nettle Complex £17.50 for one month supply.

A daily supplement designed to relieve seasonal discomforts and with added vitamin C to support the immune system. Quercetin is a natural antihistamine,  found in some vegetables including onions.

2. Stellaria Cream 30ml £7

A handbag sized on-the-spot cream for soothing itchy and irritated skin including allergies and eczema. Contains a traditional herb called chickweed renowned for cooling skin.

3. Eucalyptus essential oil £4.60

A saving grave! Eucalyptus decongests the sinuses and head. Either add drops to a warm bath and enjoy the inhalation whilst you soak, or try a steam inhalation over a bowl or sink of hot water containing drops of this oil. (Make a mental note of this for if you get ever get a cold or flu symptoms – it works a treat!)

4. Chamomile essential oil

This super calming and relaxing essence works wonder in a diffuser, soothing symptoms as well as giving your home or office a calming aroma!

5. Lavender essential oil £6.70

Add a couple of drops to wet cotton wool and place over eyes and gently rub around the eye area, cheek and nose to help stop irritation and the annoying itch.

Alternatively, as mentioned with other oils in this post, add drops to a hot bath or a bowl of hot water and steam inhale for 10 minutes. You can also add a couple of drops to your diffuser/oil burner in your home or on a pillow at night to help clear sinuses and reduce inflammation.

6. Other essentials oils to consider:-

The aromas of essential oils strongly vary and thus personal preference is key. Here are a few other options of essential oils to use in a diffuser or oil burner at home or as steam inhalation…

7. White Tea Facial Mist 45ml £11.50

Spray this gentle mist on to your face to rehydrate and calm the skin with thanks to the potent white tea antioxidant and aloe vera it contains. Suitable for sensitive skin too.

8. White tea eye gel £24

Cooling and refreshing. This eye gel reduces puffiness, perfect for pollenated seasons. Keep it chilled in the fridge for optimum relief.

9. Super Antioxidant Boost (60 Capsules) £17.50

Protects skin and your body from within from pollution, unwanted free radicals and stress. This antioxidant rich blend of vitamins is a natural way to support your immune system


I hope some of these items and methods have given you some inspiration for you or a loved one who battles with hay fever – for whenever they’re most affected throughout the seasons…

To view more information about these products – their ingredients and suggested methods – please click here.

To finish this post, here’s a photo of my cat Dolly who likes to photobomb my shoots…

Thanks for reading. 🙂



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