Don’t worry be hippie!

As mentioned in a recent blog post, my 6-months post partum update, I was “en route” to Ibiza to spend 36 hours on the White Isle with one of my best friends. Becoming a new mummy can limit one’s social life and QT with besties in those first few months of motherhood, so when the opportunity came about, how could I say no! Especially when I found a return flight from Southend airport on my doorstep for just £45 return!

Having “been there and done that” regarding big club nights out in Ibiza in my 20s, this trip was all about the R&R (okay maybe with one or two vodka and limon drinks).

I was invited by renowned beach club brand Nikki Beach to enjoy a day at their Ibiza location – at their “Don’t Worry Be Hippie” weekly Wednesday event. I’d been to Nikki Beach in Miami a couple of years ago, which I loved, thus I was sooooo excited to experience their Ibiza haunt.

Here’s my review and photo diary of our day at Nikki Beach Ibiza

After receiving the invitation, I was pretty excited to discover that “Don’t Worry Be Hippie” was all about the flower power, an opportunity to embrace ones inner bohemian!

It was time for this new (and slightly curvier than before) mummy to get involved in the “make love not war” day time event – busting out my “hold-everything-in” flower print one piece and wear flowers in my hair! #yolo #whynot

First impressions were, well, impressive!

Just steps away from the pristine clear waters of the beach…

Making love not war, exploring the flower power decor…

Starting the day on our day bed, somewhat relaxed and with my needed caffeine boost…

Then our cocktail welcome drinks arrived…(which were amazing before I got too excited and knocked them over!)

Then venturing on to the cocktail menu…

Original sounds of the 60s mixed in with chill out Ibiza made the perfect musical backdrop.

All about the white furniture and orange hues – part of Nikki Beach‘s global beach club identity. This was our home (aka bed) for the day…

Beautiful dancers offer eye candy to poolside viewers.

And the food. OH WOW. Literally amazing! Not only was it beautifully presented but it was incredible. Portions were of a generous size and well, there are just no other words to say other than it was excellent. My friend and I were really impressed. This was just our starters, full of mezze delights…

On to our sharing second course…my friend and I still salivate at the thought of the mini burgers. They were so good!

I loved all the different decorative touches at the event, creating the perfect bohemian vibe and lots of photo opportunities too.

To summarise…Stylish setting, beautiful location, fantastic cuisine, excellent service, elegant concept, chic decor and classic chill out Ibiza ambience – it’s by far the best day time beach club I’ve been to in Ibiza to date – and I’ve been going to Ibiza for many years.

And, unlike many other beach clubs, I didn’t feel out of place in my new mummy body and the absence of eyelash extensions.

The luxe global beach club brand did not disappoint this mummy and her bestie! We were able to relax, enjoy the glorious sunshine, consume amazing food and cocktails with great service (even when I knocked over our cocktails all over our bed!) and able to hear each other speak for lots of civilised conversation we had to catch up on – always a plus once you hit your 30s like us haha!

Ten out of ten. Thank you Nikki Beach.

If you’re escaping to Ibiza this summer (or any summer!) I’d definitely recommend Nikki Beach Ibiza is on your must-go-to list. I’ve heard they do an amazing champagne brunch on Sundays and next time I must consume my body weight in sushi – it looked incredible.

I’m so glad I “bit the bullet” and went. I’d stopped breastfeeding, I’d spent periods of time away from Henry before so I knew I’d be fine emotionally and my husband was going to get two whole days of quality time with his little boy, without me being in the way. Not that I have to justify my solus getaway to anyone, but I believe every new parent deserves rewarding time out and “me time”. I know it’s not for everyone, but I highly recommend every new mummy finds 1-2 days to have time out with best friends within those first 6 months of parenthood (which is a 24/7 job). Beyond quality time with friends, it’s an opportunity to remind yourself of who you were before becoming a mummy (and who you still are inside), enjoy a small dose of what you’ve always loved (i.e. beach and cocktails) and to still have purpose and love for yourself.






*This is a featured blog post where aspects of our day at Nikki Beach were complimentary. This review is genuine of my experience and I would never feature or credit any brand across Flamingo Monroe if I truly did not enjoy or believe in it. I think the photos prove we had a good time!


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