A crafty gift from your little ones to your loved ones

For Mother’s Day weekend just gone I *thought* it would be a good idea to branch my fairly new ‘mummy self’ out in to the world of arts and craft to make Henry’s Grandma (my Mum) and Nana (my Mother in Law) a personalised gift.

On a recent shopping trip to Waitrose, in the wine section I spotted plain wooden (single) wine boxes and ‘ding’ – an invincible light bulb shone above my head!

It came to me – I could gift the Mother and MiL a bottle of wine inside a personalised wine box – decorated by Henry, with the help from his Mummy of course. 🙂

I decided I was going to attempt to put Henry’s hand and foot prints on the wine boxes. And yes it did get very messy!

When choosing paints and not being overly knowledgable on all things art, I thought the safest option was to head for the kids department whilst in John Lewis. BINGO! I found some child-friendly paint.

Before you start, do make sure you cover your painting area with ample covering, such as newspaper, or in my case some pages torn out of an old magazine…

It’s going to get messy! Be sure to have wipes at the ready!

You may wonder, “Why the brushes?”.

I realised that a baby is NOT going to willingly place their hands and feet in paint – I was going to have to paint Henry’s hands and feet!  Links for the paint and brushes I used are at the end of this post…

Yikes! Mission completed with baby held by one parent, hand and foot painted by other parent, first parent holds box up to baby’s hand/feet, second parent opens fist and presses against the wood, followed by the foot!

Not too bad right?! It’s not supposed to be perfect when it’s from a 3-month old!

I admit I need to practise my brush writing skills…

A spot of further personalisation on the reverse…

Here we go! Well done Henry on your first works of art!

The hand and foot prints aren’t perfect – and that is part of the charm of the gift!

One reason for sharing this idea with you is because strangers complimented the idea after spotting it on our table whilst we were out to lunch on Mother’s Day.

I’m not saying it’s the most innovative creation or aesthetically A-grade (far from it!), but it’s just a simple token which was well received. It can be suitable for any occasion and also created by a child of any age.

As for the finishing touches – I found some stickers in a local store to decorate them and fill in the gaps. I used Finding Dory ones for my Mum (she’s a big Dory fan!) and pretty butterflies and flowers for the Mother in Law’s gift.

Before you ask, yes my 12.5 week old son was not the most cooperative. He still holds his hands fist tight – the foot prints were much easier to do! Thankfully he’s quite a chilled little lad, but I recommend getting the hand and foot prints done in a matter of seconds to avoid any outbursts and to reduce the risk of getting paint absolutely everywhere! Maybe schedule this painting session for just before baby’s bath time! 😉

My Mum was quite tearful at the gesture, a baby’s hand and foot prints are treasurable, no matter how they are presented!

Here’s the link to the paints I used:- https://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-plain-paints-pack-of-4/p1993158

Here’s the brushes I used: https://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-chubby-brushes/p1613168

And finally, the palette: https://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-paint-palette/p1993161

I hope this gives you some inspiration for a gift in the future from your little ones to your loved ones.



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