My pushchair of choice

When you are entering the world of parenthood for the first time, a pushchair/pram/travel system is one of, if not THE biggest purchase you’ll make – and they don’t come cheap! Research is essential to make sure you find the right choice for YOU (seeing as you’ll likely be using it daily) as well as getting to a store (if you can) to test out a physical demonstration.

I found it quite difficult to find enough online critique when exploring the new (and rather alien) world of buggies and prams, so I’ve decided to review and promote the system I ended up choosing, in case this helps anyone out there looking for a pram/pushchair combo with similar lifestyle and factors that I had to personally consider…


Before I reveal my pushchair of choice I’ve provided a detailed list of my factors I had to consider. Do have a read as it may inspire you to create your own list of mandatories and preferences. 🙂

Similar to when you’re buying a car, you have factors to consider including budget, technology, durability, size and design – which naturally vary from person to person and explains why I discovered there is a LOT of pram choice on the market, almost too much choice.

During the many hours I spent window shopping (in store and online) as well as asking for recommendations from friends and family, I learned very quickly that the most important aspect for consideration was to select a buggy/travel system that suited MY lifestyle and would suit ME personally. Now is not the time to keep up with the Joneses or to select a model that doesn’t fit your life “set up”.


  1. Storage – and easy to fold away

Where do you intend to keep your pushchair on a daily basis? Do you have a generous size hallway or porch? I have a tiny hallway and no porch, so for me I need to have a pushchair that I can easily fold away the chassis and store either in the boot of my car, or my conservatory/utility room or in the cupboard under the stairs. I can’t have a huge bulky travel system out on display due to the lack of space indoors.

2.  Size – neat and compact

Too big, wide and bulky just isn’t going to work for me – for same reasons as point 1 (including the size of my car boot). Also, I can’t stand the thought of not fitting through doors easily in public places or having a monster of a machine unnecessarily that takes up excess room in public for no real reason. I also intend on using public transport living near London so a model that is compact in size is desirable. (Those with multiple babies, i.e. twins, you are of course more than forgiven!)

3.  Weight – biceps, what biceps?!!

I’m not going to pretend I have good upper body strength. Maybe that will come once baby is here, in my arms and I’m used to carrying he/she around for hours a day, but I’m not going to rely on that to select a pushchair in the hope of developing strong muscles. I need a chassis that is easy for me to pick up, especially considering how often I need to fold it away for storing, potentially on a daily basis.

4.  Design – sleek yet distinctive

I prefer a design that is neutral in colour and suitable for either gender (especially to use for future children I may have). I’m not in to browns, golds or earthy colours, I’m much more of a black and white person and being the slightly outgoing creative person I am, a design with a hint of standout is never off the table, so long as it’s not too loud in patterns and maintains a luxury look and feel.

5.  Durability and quality

I wanted a pushchair that will last a long time (for future babies!). A strong chassis is therefore important, as are quality fabrics as well as decent wheels – again considering if you’re either an urbanite around town or requiring wheels to get you across fields and farmland – or both! It’s about YOUR lifestyle set up! I don’t need “beasty” wheels necessarily as my lifestyle is more urban than rural.

6.  Car seat compatibility

Your baby’s car seat is an important safety choice and one of the first serious decisions you’ll make. You need to make sure your car seat of choice (mine is the Maxi-Cosi pebble) is compatible with your chosen pushchair, or that you can at least purchase separate adapters to ensure your car seat can fit on to your pushchair.

7.  Finishing touches

For me, nice finishing touches included a detachable cup holder – I intend on going out on a lot of buggy walks where coffee, water or a smoothie are going to be essential to keep me “going”. Also, a decent size storage basket to carry my changing bag and for the odd bit of shopping (is my husband reading this haha!?). Rain covers, insect nets, foot muffs and other touches are a bonus too.


I had initially narrowed it down to two models, based on recommendations from family and friends. Although I was close to settling for a model from a well established and popular brand, I was then introduced to the Mamas & Papas range of pushchairs which totally changed my direction of choice.

Their Urbo2 Ombré Pewter model had literally just launched in store when I went to Mamas and Papas to have a look and it was like love at first sight!  It didn’t take long to establish that this model ticked my boxes of factors and my gut feel just knew it was the right choice for me, addressing EVERYTHING I have enlisted above in this blog post so far…

I have taken a bunch of untouched photos to give you an honest insight in to my new pushchair.

Amusing disclaimer… Please note: the black and white cat is not included in your black and white pushchair purchase…That’s Dolly, my fur baby, and she is an attention seeking madam!

Ta-Da!! Here it is…


The breaks are conveniently located by your feet. You can also notice the wrist support for additional safety. The wheels have front suspension, providing a smoother ride.


The pewter chassis is stunning – the metallic frame is super sturdy and offers a luxury look to the model. Narrow and light too, perfect for city steering for an urbanite (me!).


Perfectly compact. The dimensions are H: 104 x W: 54 x L: 86cm approx.


The fabrics are washable and also textured for a lavish feel. Far from flimsy.


Designed with style in mind, this model is limited edition with it’s monochrome fabrics offering subtle yet stylistic standout.


The option to have the seat flat promotes natural sleeping and you can also have the seat forward or rear facing.


The pushchair comes with a rain cover as well as an insect net (concealed within a pocket) therefore suitable for various climates and locations (cat not included!).


Showing the depths of the trend inspired hood…


Letting the daylight in with this panel (and allowing for a game of peek-a-boo!) and adjustable handle bars give you optimum comfort when pushing, pulling and steering.


The leather-feel handles are great! I couldn’t bear the clammy feel my hands got when testing out handles made from foam or metal. Leather also adds a luxury finishing touch.


Super easy to fold away – hurrah!


And easy to carry too! The frame is really narrow when folded, great for storing in small spaces.


The dimensions when folded are H: 49 x W: 54 x D: 85cm and a weight of approx 10kg.


I love the carry cot, providing protective and natural lie flat sleep for baby.


The carrycot can be used for approx 6 months before switching to the seat.


A snuggly thick foot muff is the perfect icing on the cake. With a padded fleece liner, this is perfect for cold weather protection.


Now all I need is for my little one to make an appearance and I can start enjoying my new toy!


The Urbo2 Ombré Pewter is suitable from birth right up until your little one weighs 15kg.

My review in one sentence is simply: “A space-saving timeless and stylistic model offering durability and a smooth ride with high quality fabrics and a luxury look and feel – the perfect (and affordable) model for any city or town resident.”

This exclusive special edition is only out for a limited time, so if you’re interested in this model then don’t delay! Click here to view more information, photos and video. You really can’t go wrong with any pushchair from the Urbo2 range at Mamas & Papas even if you decide this monochrome print is not for you.

Do let me know your thoughts, comments and questions below.



3 thoughts on “My pushchair of choice

  1. Isla says:

    I agree so much time is spent considering options, our travel system for Chloe ( inc the car seat) was not much short of £900 – and the reality…. The carry cot only really gets used for the first 12 weeks, as soon as that baby can sit they want to be upright and looking around – and that clunky travel system that involves pulling up a chassis and putting on the car seat or pushchair quickly gets replaced with a much lighter pushchair that’s easier to manouver and can be opened and closed in one swift move. My advise to anyone weighing up their choices would be, unless you have money to burn – just to go for a mclaren (or similar) pushchair that can be used straight from birth and save yourself on the whole cafaffle of the travel system. That’s just my opinion, but talking from experience in 4 short years we got through
    – 1 x travel system (used for less 12 mths)
    – 1 x new born car seat (0-12 months)
    – 1 x stage 2 car seat (at 12 months)
    – mclaren pushchair
    – stage 3 car seat
    The pushchair then gets replaced by smart trikes, bikes and scooters… And the expense of it all just never ends!!!

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