We were on a break!

Every time I hear “We were on break”, like you most probably, I picture Ross Geller in F.R.I.E.N.D.S shrieking this caption when trying to justify his behaviour whilst on a relationship ‘break’ from Rachel Green and I am thrilled it inspired the title for Lindsey Kelk’s latest book.

I caught up with the best selling author and someone I’m happy to call a friend (and a fellow cat obsessive). We snapchat our cats to each other, which is TOTALLY NORMAL.

Here Lindsey talks about her new book, blogging, cats (obvs), her beauty faves, WWE, how she has to take it as a compliment when her stories inspire other writers (to quite often write very similar storylines) and more…



1)      Congrats Lindsey on “We were on a break” – as always you provide us with a refreshing read that’s funny and one so many can relate to! Where did you get the inspiration?

Thank you so much, it’s always scary to publish something new but excited to get it out there now. The book actually started out as a joke. My editor and I were discussing all the books that had been published with titles based on song titles and quotes from movies and I replied to her email saying ‘my next book – I Carried a Watermelon, followed by the sequel We Were on a Break!’ and even though it was a joke, we both really loved We Were on a Break. After that, I started thinking what that book would be about. I wanted to do something different and I love writing male characters, I feel like they so often get the short shrift in women’s fiction, and so the split perspective between Adam and Liv was born.

2)      I love the narration switch chapter to chapter, switching between Liv and Adam. Bravo for making this work, was this a hard technique to implement?

It was and it wasn’t. I loved, loved, loved creating both characters so telling both stories was a lot of fun. That said, I write my books from start to finish and sometimes I was so wrapped up in Adam’s story, it was hard to switch back to Liv and vice versa. Sometimes one story felt more meaty than the other so it was tricky to balance but I think we got there in the end!

3)      Who would you cast Liv and Adam in a film?

Oh man, that’s SO HARD, there are so many great British women out there right now. Maybe Gemma Arterton or Emily Blunt for Liv? Ooh, or Felicity Jones! She’d be so good. Adam, I don’t know… Jamie Dornan is already spoken for when it comes to adaptations of books but I think he’d be such a great Adam. He’s tall, good looking and I’d love to see him play comedy as well as the more emosh side of things.


Launch party!

4)      You’re a successful writer (OVER 1 MILLION BOOKS SOLD!) and clearly have inspired many *similar* stories/genre/tone-of-voice etc for other titles and authors? I presume you have to take this all as a big compliment?It was really weird when I started getting emails and messages from writers to say they’d been inspired by my books to start writing their own, weird but really flattering! It’s hard to believe that something I started doing to entertain myself could encourage someone to do something that epic but yes, it’s a huge compliment. I love the thought of women empowering each other to achieve their goals so the more the merrier, I say.

5)      You’ve been blogging for longer than people realise – what your secret to successful blogging?

It’ll be ten years in January since I started my beauty blog which seems impossible! When I started, there really weren’t that many people doing it so it was very difficult to get brands and PRs to work with me but slowly things started to build. Nowadays it’s difficult for the opposite reasons, now there are so many bloggers it’s hard to find your niche and to convince brands that you’re the blogger they want to work with. Whatever you’re blogging about, it has to be something you’re passionate about and believe in then the essentials are to be honest, respectful and consistent. Listen to your audience, work your social media and network, network, network!

6)      What are your top three (or five?) “I-can-never-live-without” beauty products?

That’s so hard! Beauty products are truly my kryptonite. Definitely the Dior Addict Lip Glow Colour Enhancing Balm (that’s a mouthful for a simple product). Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream moisturizer has been a lifesaver for me for ten years, I suffer from hormonal acne and this really keeps me hydrated without clogging up my skin. The last one would be Kat Von D Tattoo Ink liner, it’s a cult classic for a reason – I honestly don’t know a better liner out there. Usually I’d choose mascara as my ride or die product but I can’t possibly choose one! But since you asked, Lancôme Grandiose, Urban Decay Cannonball or YSL Vinyl Couture are my favourites.


Lindsey (left) at her WWOAB launch party and her Editor saying a few words

7)      You’re a super pro (attentive & consistent) on social media – keeping us well tuned with Instagram Stories and Snapchat as well as replying to fans on Twitter. What’s the weirdest and/or most annoying comments/questions you get on social media?love social media! When you’re sat at home with a laptop all day, sometimes Twitter keeps you sane aaaaand sometimes it drives you completely insane. I’ve had a lot of weird messages, obviously the most upsetting being unrequested penises on Snapchat – I mean, who seriously hunts down an author’s Snapchat username just to send them a dickpic? Insanity. Other than that, it’s a little frustrating when people ask random questions when it would be easier to find the answers online but mostly because I end up feeling terrible for not answering them quickly enough! I haven’t talked a ton about it but I suffer with an anxiety disorder so the idea of upsetting someone or not making them happy really freaks me out and can send me into a bit of a spiral so yeah, sometimes it would probably be wiser for me to stay off social media sometimes!

8)      WWE? Explain the love.

It’s the best thing ever. It’s my soap opera, it’s my sport, there’s nothing I don’t love about it. I totally understand why some people don’t get it at all but to me it’s just like someone watching their favourite TV show or movie. There are crazy storylines, heroes, villains, super hot dudes, amazingly strong women and just general awesomeness. Plus there’s a really great community around it and I’ve made some brilliant friends through wrestling. It might not seem obvious but seriously, try it, you might like it!


Friend & fellow cat obsessive. Lindsey and I at her launch party (her MAC eye make up was amazing) whilst I look a little tired, but being heavily pregnant I can be forgiven, right?

9)      How are Anderson and Belle (your cats) enjoying LA life? And how do they cope with fame? More Instagram cat posts please! Ha! Perhaps they aren’t enjoying it as much as I though since Anderson just came out of hospital with cystitis. Apparently it’s most often stress-related so I guess I’ll have to keep him off Snapchat for a while. No, really they’re great and the happiest kitties in the whole world. Anderson Cooper’s favourite thing is to wait for us to fall asleep at night then crawl up the end and snuggle under the blankets while Belle has developed a weird spanking fetish. Honestly, she’ll walk around waving her butt in air until someone spanks her lower back, just above her tail. She’s a disgrace and I’m so proud.

10)   What’s next in the land of Lindsey Kelk?

A nap? JK. Obviously I’m right back to the grindstone, my next book is due to my publisher at the end of November to come out next summer so I’ll be straight back to work. I’m really looking forward to Christmas so I can eat myself blind and perhaps I have a couple of other plans up my sleeve… all I can say is watch this space!

Big thank you to Lindsey for this exclusive Q&A!

If you’re already a Lindsey Kelk fan, then you can certainly look forward to her renowned witty writing style from “We were on a break”. When an intended romantic proposal on holiday turns in to a break for Liv and Adam, WWOAB follows the story from both characters view. Not only do they get themselves in to all sorts of situations by forever saying or doing the wrong thing, at times you’ll want to scream at the book and bang Liv and Adam’s heads together – which is all part of the fun, pace, drama and charm a hilarious rom-com needs.  There is ample unpredictability to keep us more than interested and entertained, making this a read very difficult to put down.  Not only is WWOAB funny, it’s heartfelt and warm too and the one liners will have you laughing out loud (and there is a cat called Daniel Craig – AMAZING!).

“We were on a break” by Lindsey Kelk is available from Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith, Foyles and on all sorts of digital devices!  https://www.harpercollins.co.uk/9780007582419/we-were-on-a-break.




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