Losing my mind #truestory

Baby brain does exist, and I don’t even have a baby (yet).

Just like the unexpected impact of tiredness in one’s first trimester, to which I used to brush off as ‘nothing’ when I used to hear friends complain of being tired before I was ever pregnant, I felt the same regarding “baby brain”. I’m not sure I believed it. Inserting an apology to my friends if I have EVER brushed off their pregnancy symptoms!

Do we really become forgetful during pregnancy? Yes. Yes we do…


For the last few months I seem to lose my keys at least once a day. They’re always in my handbag, but when I’m on the home stretch of my commute home, or when I’m frantically trying to leave the house in the morning, why do I always have a suddenly panic of “WHERE THE F*** ARE MY F***ING KEYS?!” (Sorry Mum.)

And I can’t even begin to describe the sheer panic of when I think I’ve lost my phone. It’s usually with my keys, sometimes even in my hand!


Now I’m well and truly in my third trimester of pregnancy I am finding myself somewhat forgetful and clumsy at times.

Last week I turned up to my dentist appointment, proudly smiling to myself that I’d won the rush hour traffic battle by arriving 20 minutes early. It turned out I was in fact 20 minutes late and not to the receptionist’s amusement when after I profusely apologised I then joked, “blame the baby brain!”

I managed to knock over a display of cling film lately (and in the POUND SHOP of all places) – not a great reason to draw attention to oneself!

On a recent trip to John Lewis, the lovely young lad who served me had given me my receipt and my purchases, which I was holding in my hands. I remained still, smiling patiently. Awkwardly (and to get rid of me – I think) he offered me a complimentary carrier bag to which I politely declined, but I continued to remained still. A few more silent seconds later, I’m still standing there smiling at him waiting for something. My husband came over to ask what I was waiting for, so I looked at the (now embarrassed) young lad who smiled and said “nothing, we’re all done.” I was standing there waiting for NOTHING. #awkward


At the gym after a swim recently, I forgot which locker was mine. I had no choice but to try my key in about 20 lockers before I hit the jackpot (and wearing just my towel). Those around me must have thought “that girl’s got serious issues…”

At the petrol station lately, I had a mental blank about how to open my petrol fuel flap. I was pulling at it, tugging it, I couldn’t get the darn thing open. I began to internally panic, realising I was making a complete fool of myself. I got back in the car, drove off, called my husband (who was in a different continent on business) to ask how to open it.  After a few seconds of confused silence, he said, “You press the top left corner and it pops open?” The question mark hinting the tone of, “Are you okay?!”

I have always relied on my brain to work when I need to remind myself to do something – from making appointments, texting a friend back, pay a bill, diary management, birthdays etc – that kind of thing. When I’m home, settled with a cup of tea, my diary, my phone and my Macbook, ready to crack on with my list of to-dos, I then ask myself, “What was I supposed to do again?!”

Brain fog turns in to brain fail.

Nowadays if I don’t write down or text myself reminders, then you can be assured that it’s as good as forgotten. It’s far from intentional and therefore it can become quickly frustrating for me. Sometimes I even forget to look at my reminders! I can be thankful to Facebook for reminding me about birthdays at least. Don’t worry about my job – my Gmail calendar is full of “to dos” with lots of reminders!


I’ve lost 2 or 3 umbrellas leaving them in places and I last week left a carrier bag of dirty Tupperware on the train (how awful for the person having to find it). HENCE MY NEEDED TRIP TO THE POUND SHOP FOR MORE CONTAINERS!

My grammar and writing hasn’t been up to scratch lately either. Getting people’s names wrong and just generally having a lot of a “blanks”. I know I give people a lot of blank looks whilst my brain tries to get in to gear and there’s probably a thousand typos in this post – sorry about that, blame the baby brain! Ha!

This is all not because I’m preoccupied with other life factors – such as growing a baby, working a full time job, keeping busy outside of work hours etc – where my brain can’t physically fit anything else in. I’ve usually always been really good at multi-tasking and being that elephant who never forgets (well, okay maybe not ‘never’) – remembering to wish people a happy holiday or good luck in a new job – that kind of thing to make sure they know I do think of them.


Whether there’s scientific proof or not to all things “baby brain” – such as hormones playing havoc, lack of sleep, brain cell activity, added “foggy brain” from all things thyroid etc – I believe it definitely exists. I’ve made a lot of people laugh in recent times with some of my dippy moments. I used to blame the occasional #fail on being part of the “Essex charm” but now I firmly believe it’s down to “baby brain”.

I hear it’s temporary though? If not I’m in big trouble haha! Fluttering eyelids to you to please love me regardless! 😉

Have you every suffered with Baby Brain? I’d love to hear your (funny) stories!



3 thoughts on “Losing my mind #truestory

  1. Holly Boyd says:

    One of my favourites was baking a cake putting it down on a chair turning around and sitting on it. How do you forget in that short length of time.


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