Fair Verona

When most of us hear ‘Verona’, I’m fairly convinced we all want to burst in to a speech of “Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we lay our scene…” reminiscing the story of Romeo & Juliet and William Shakespeare’s infamous script of the tragedy.

A few weeks ago me and my ‘Romeo’ visited Verona, as part of a mini break to Italy (including Lake Garda and Venice – future blog posts to follow) and I had to share my experience of this beautiful town in northern Italy…


The town oozes romance and Italian style, with minimal tourist tack to interfere with Verona’s natural beauty. The pretty cobbled streets were aligned with traditional Italian buildings – and with little traffic this town is really a traveller’s bliss. #wanderlust


Verona is supposedly where inspiration was sought for the plot of Romeo & Juliet, with street names such as Via Cappello (kind of similar to Juliet’s family name Capulet) conveniently located by Casa di Giulietta – a beautiful 14th century property called “Cappelletti” (very similar to Capulet!) with a balcony famously referred to as Juliet’s…”Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?!”


The statue of Giulietta is in the courtyard surrounded by messages people have left on the walls – featuring words of love and wishes. Touching her right breast is said to bring good luck. I made two wishes, I really hope they both come true…


And Romeo’s run-down (still quaint from the outside) home is said to be located just around the corner…


After here we headed in to Verona’s main piazza – Piazza delle Erbe…


Playing host to a bustling cute market selling everything from fresh fruit, Italian snacks, leather goods, hats, linen and art.


Verona has a number of stunning churches that are worth looking around for their beautiful architecture and interior. Here is the inside of Santa Anastasia…


From here we strolled to the river, crossing the renowned Ponte Pietra bridge which offers another view of Verona’s pretty buildings…


If your legs can handle it (mine just about did – but with a fair amount of deep breaths!), take a walk up the hundreds of steps to Castel St. Pietro to enjoy spectacular views…



After lunch (I’ll talk about food later) we checked out Verona’s Arena – a well preserved Roman amphitheatre – the third largest in Italy and to this day still hosts concerts and opera. Crowds flock to Verona in their thousands from all over the world for the renowned opera season during the summer months, and for the apt setting it provides.



I sent my ‘Romeo’ down to follow the tracks of where gladiators once walked before their fights…


Back to our Romeo & Juliet story… From here we took a fairly lengthy stroll (I say lengthy – it was probably only about 15 minutes) to see the supposed tomb of Juliet…



A pleasant building and grounds and off the beaten track, we witnessed a wedding party that has just finished a ceremony on site. What a stunning location for a wedding! I recommend to any future brides out there to consider Verona for your nuptials!


A nod to Shakespeare is located here too…


Here I am ready to hit the town in a New Look dress, complete with my new Kate Spade tote bag and fabulous SJP Collection sandals by Sarah Jessica Parker… Photo credit: My Instagram Husband! He took the photo before I was ready…(but I am wondering if candid works best for me?!!)


Now let’s talk about FOOD!!

The food in Verona is probably some of the best I have ever tasted in Italy. I find eating out on holiday is always hit or miss (unless you spent time reading reviews on trip advisor and planning in advance – which I didn’t!), but here being an affluent town, known for it’s opera, designer shopping, history and general prettiness – I wonder if the restaurants are all in competition with each other because everywhere we ate was outstanding, and reasonably priced too.

Our favourite dinner spot was at Il Cenacolo. Hidden way, the menu was very Italian but very accommodating to all taste buds. It had traditional Italian decor and layout too…


We enjoyed deep fried mozzarella, and a beautiful aubergine, mozzarella and tomato terrine…


Followed by the biggest and juiciest fillet of Seabass I have every enjoyed – rolled up around a bed of seasonal vegetables…


I must give a nod to one of our lunch spots. Caffe Dante in Piazza del Signori offers an easy but tasty menu where I had bruschetta (with *more* mozzarella!) followed by a bowl of freshly made pasta with courgettes and tomatoes. Simple but so tasty!



My guilty pleasure in Verona was definitely the burrata cheese (mozzarella with cream!). Totally heavenly, very naughty, but hey – it’s acceptable when on holiday, right?


You may only need a day in Verona, but don’t rush it because there’s a lot of good food to experience!

Realising I hadn’t taken a photo of the outside of the Arena, we dashed there on our last night where I attempted a panoramic shot which just doesn’t do it justice. This property at night is stunning. “For I never saw true beauty til this night…”


I fell in love with Verona, and would happily visit there for a weekend mini break any time – it’s one of my favourite places in Italy to go along with Florence and the rolling hills of Tuscany.  If you’re in the London area like me, all the London airports and many airlines offer direct flights taking just 2 hours, and are very reasonably priced too.

Here I am outside the Arena wearing the most comfortable jumpsuit in the world – from Oasis


For our hotel we stayed at Hotel Giulietta e Romeo – just 50 metres from the Arena, a 4-5 minute walk from Piazza delle Erbe and Casa di Giulietta, and just stones throw away from Via Giuseppe Mazzini – the “Bond Street” of Verona complete with designer and high street stores. A faultless hotel, comfortable beds, spacious rooms (which for Italy hotels is good seeing as most hotel rooms in Italy are tiny), friendly staff and a fabulous continental breakfast.

Flaunting my new SJP Collection sandals by Sarah Jessica Parker… #foreverlove


As Juliet would say, “Parting is such sweet sorrow” – and that’s how my Romeo and I felt leaving Verona.

Loved it!



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