My breakfast bowl for champions!

When the sun makes an appearance on a weekend, there’s nothing I like more than to start my day sitting in the garden with my breakfast whilst catching up on my emails,  Instagram feeds (yes ‘feeds’ plural – mine and my cat’s!) and Snapchat stories from all my friends drunken adventures the night before…

When it comes to breakfast I am fairly regimented. I do like my homemade muesli – either dried and I add milk or yoghurt, or when I have time I’ll prepare my bircher muesli. Click here if you haven’t see my bircher recipe.

For me, breakfast is an opportunity to get the nutrients I need to set me up for the day and also to ensure I have a meal that is filling (I’m a guilty snacker). Considering the amount of thyroxine I take, it’s important for me to have a morning meal that isn’t going to have me slumbered on my desk and crashed by mid morning!

Not forgetting that bikini season and beach time is fast approaching! Insert *face palm* of why I didn’t start my bikini diet sooner…

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you can’t go wrong with a traditional English fry up, and on the occasional breakfast meeting I will enjoy avocado on toast (with a side of bacon) or Eggs Benedict!

I’m a little tired of all this talk of fruit is bad for you and contains too much sugar. Certain fruits have so many benefits and yes when eaten in moderation they’re absolutely fine!! Well, I think so (insert disclaimer I am not a qualified nutritionist!). I like to have fruit in the morning – it’s filling, yes contains natural sugars (which gives you energy and you have the day to burn off) and contains lots of goodness.

I wanted to share with you today my latest breakfast bowl fave…


Blueberries and raspberries are full of antioxidents, as are bananas and apples which are also great for fibre. When it comes to apples, Pink Ladies are my favourite – they’re super sweet and crunchy! A tablespoon or two of oats are super healthy too and are really filling – gluten free oats are optional, I try to buy gluten free oats when I can only because it’s kinder to my thyroid condition. Then! Pumpkin seeds and flaxseed are nutritional powerhouses completing my breakfast bowl…



Milk or yoghurt – whatever you choose to complete your breakfast bowl, I sometimes have vanilla or greek yoghurt with a teaspoon of honey, or milk (cows or almond). For this post I decided on one of my faves – the fig yoghurt from Activia – it’s so creamy and good (and not too naughty!).


Enjoy the sunshine!



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