Spring beauty, all things pink and styling attempts!

Did anyone see the sun lately!? The warmish spring sunshine? I’ve been waiting for the sun to shine and for spring to fully present itself before I did this beauty (spring-related) post. I don’t want to wait any longer so here we go (but if you see the sun, have a word!)…

This post has an honest objective! I’m all about the transparency of personalities. I’ve wanted to start practising my photography and styling more for my blog (note to self to start saving for a decent camera – the iPhone just doesn’t cut it…) and as I had some tulips in the house and some new pretty beauty products to play with I saw an opportunity for a play around! My spare bedroom at home is all white – white walls and a white IKEA furniture (the Malm range which I’m sure we have ALL owned at some point in life!), and so, my spare bedroom has aptly become my home studio!!

The said products I’m loving this spring (and playing with for this post) are:

  1. L’Occitane Pivoine Flora Shower Gel (Travel Size 75ml) £5.75

I love the shower gels by L’Occitane – they’re highly fragrant (this one smelling of peonies) and gently foam when using.

2. Very Hollywood perfume by Michael Kors. 50ml. £50

I bought this when I was in New York recently, from Century 21 department store. It *may* have been on sale for a very attractive price (I told you this was an honest post!) but it’s a glamorous scent, combining fruits and florals. Love it!

3. Red Roses bath oil by Jo Malone. 30ml. £17

For those who follow my blog may have caught on to the fact this is my all time favourite scent. It reminds me of a very special time. The scent is blended from the world’s most exquisite roses. Relaxing in a bath with this oil is simply dreamy!

4. Bliss triple oxygen ex-‘glow’-sion moisture cream. 50ml. £55

This face cream has literally been my saviour lately. After I was poorly back in January my skin was so dull and “eugh” (technical term!) in it’s complexion. This moisturiser contains oxygen, vitamin E and C to enhance radiance and “glow” – and I like to think it’s working for me so far! (?)

5. Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm. Supreme Sorbet #19. £17

I love these chubby sticks from Clinique. They’re easy to apply (it’s like using a crayon!), they moisturise the lips and provide a hint of colour. Boom boom boom!


From a birds eye view… The Clinique chubby stick kept rolling and wouldn’t stay still (blue tac required). *Naughty chubby stick*


Another angle…


I know using tulips in blog posts and in pretty Instagram “#bbloggers” posts isn’t exactly innovative, but they do really make a shot look pretty!


I’d love to hear what you think of my shots and what you’d do differently! Styling attempts aside, these products are definitely up there in my spring faves!



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