My new “Sex and the City” Shoes

In my teenage years I developed an appreciation for fashion and shoes. I watched Sex and the City at every opportunity (eventually watching the box sets on repeat), and one day longed for a shoe closet like Carrie Bradshaw’s…


I’m not *quite* there yet – growing up and buying a house took priority (yes I AM a grown up!) – but I’ll never forget my first “designer shoe” purchase. I was 21 years old and had saved up for months to purchase my first pair of Manolo Blahnik heels when I went to New York for the first time.  My (now ten year old) black Mary-Janes mean the world to me. I still wear them now.


My beloved Manolo Blahnik’s pictured here in my Instagram photo when I was recently in NYC

Over the last few years I’ve added a purple pair of suede Christian Louboutin pumps and a pair of nude patent Jimmy Choo wedges to my shoe collection. So in terms of high-end special occasion shoes I’m all set (and very thankful!). I have my classic black “never go out of style” Manolos, my statement Louboutin heels and my summer Choo wedges that travel everywhere with me in the summer months.


A glimpse of my statement purple suede “red soles”

And then Sarah Jessica Parker goes and launches her own shoe collection with Manolo Blahnik’s CEO George Malkemus – the SJP collection! I eek with excitement and make a mental note to own (I mean “need”) a pair one day.

Of course we know Carrie Bradshaw, our Sex and the City (unrealistic) style icon and the character that introduced people like me to the world of fashion, fun and Manolos! But I’ve always loved SJP herself – she’s gorgeous, her style is so feminine and chic, she made natural curls cool (thank you!), she’s a hands-on hardworking mother, Manolo Blahnik named a shoe after her (wow!),  Failure to Launch was a great movie (don’t deny it!) and she just seems so genuine when interviewed. Her fragrance Lovely, has been one of my favourite in the last decade.

SJP launching her shoe collection

Being an Instagram lover (okay I’m mean addict) I naturally follow both SJP and her shoe collection on the social media app. Her collection isn’t available here in London, yet, so checking out her shoe collection was a “must do” on my recent trip back to the Big Apple. I commented on a SJP Collection Instagram photo, asking where in NYC I could find her collection, and the lady herself responded – TO ME!! SARAH JESSICA PARKER REPLIED TO ME! *Faint*

The amount of times I comment on different brands’ Instagram posts and never get a reply, let alone from someone as high profile as SARAH JESSICA PARKER. *Big smiles* – This in itself made my 2016 go from pretty traumatic to amazing.


So pretty! A snapshot of SJP’s shoes

So! In New York recently I did go to Bloomingdales specifically to check out the SJP Collection, which did not disappoint. Before my visit a lovely lady called Heather – the SJP Brand Ambassador at Bloomingdales – reached out to me on Instagram having seen my inquiry and took good care of me (I wish we had this level of service in London!).

On arrival I said “Excuse me, I’m looking for Heather?”  I’m presuming my British accent gave me away by her joyful “Are you Camilla?!” This was a great start to my shoe-trying-on-athon and Heather was a true delight – a compliment to the SJP brand. A new shoe friend for life! Follow her at @just_soles_ 🙂

And Heather assured me that it WAS Sarah Jessica Parker herself who interacted with me on Instagram, proving she is passionate and committed to her brand. Working in marketing and PR myself this is a huge impressive tick. 😉

Time to look at some pretty shoes from my visit to Bloomingdales (and then a look at what I may have treated myself to)…


Her collection is effortlessly chic. Simplistic but incredibly classic, feminine and glamorous.


The above statement shoe was definitely one of my faves from the whole collection.


So so pretty! And such a variety of colours, prints and styles available.


LOVE a bit of glitz and glam with these pumps!

Her collection features everything from elegant flats, to evening sandals and colourful statement shoes – all are timeless and classic, and clearly inspired by SJP’s personal style. Quality is impressive also, with each pair owning leather soles and are handcrafted in Italy.

With spring on it’s way and the desire for a terrible winter to be put behind me, I decided that I *needed* a pair of shoes for the new season ahead – a pair of flats that I could wear for many summer seasons to come.

Here’s what I bought…


Just purchased! My new SJP shoes!


I love them. My new Veronika Glitter Sandals


Attempting home styling with some tulips


So excited for spring/summer!

They’re called Veronika Glitter T-Strap Flat Sandals! I love them so much, they are so pretty with their gold glitter finish – adding an ounce of glam to any outfit I wear this upcoming spring/summer. Made from leather from top to bottom, they are very comfortable – they feel fabulous on my feet, and they give me a great excuse to get back on top of my pedicure appointments!

Click here to view more.

There’s nothing quite like a new pair of fabulous shoes that genuinely make you feel happiness inside and out. Thank you SJP and Heather for a wonderful “customer journey” from start to finish. #sohappy

Now SJP – we just need you to launch a concession/pop up over here in the UK (please!). Give me a shout when you do! And if you’d like to name a shoe after me, well… that’s absolutely fine by me!



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