A chilli for when it’s chilly!

In winter, FOOD is definitely one of my favourite things about this nippy season, and is when I like to stay inside and get my “cooking groove” on!

I need to improve my savoury cooking, and I’m starting to batch-cook (for the first time ever!) in order to have enough meals in my freezer for work/life convenience.

My health has not been at it’s optimum lately, so I want to try and increase my nutrition intake in my dinners where possible, so I’m starting with a veggie chilli…

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Fighting the damn flu! (Recipe included)

About a month ago I was struck with a horrid flu that I struggled to shift. I was having a crazy-busy time at work, burning the candle, organising/attending evening events (albeit fun – I’m not complaining!) plus general life stuff – and I just didn’t have time to relax or recuperate until I eventually ran out of fuel. Oops…

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