When in Rome…

I’ve just got back from a beautiful wedding in Rome (a follow-up Roman wedding-related blog post to follow…). I’ve been to Rome before, and therefore have already explored the key tourist attractions and the (lengthy, but amazing) tours. This time round, it was fabulous to just enjoy a few chilled days walking around in the glorious Italian sunshine, seeing the sights again (from the outside), consume plenty of local wine, slightly dent the credit card in Prada and Michael Kors on Via Condotti and eat plenty of amazing food.

I am turning in to a ball of mozzarella, wrapped in parma ham and topped with burrata because I’ve eaten so much of it.

Keeping things simple and visual, this blog post is pretty much text-free (partly due to immense tiredness and brain-fail from a very delayed and late flight home last night). Here’s a small selection of my photos from my strolls around the stunning Eternal City…


An eerie and quiet Pantheon at 2am


Back at 10am for coffee & people watching


Why does this hole in the Pantheon’s ceiling fascinate me so much?


A traditional arty day in Piazza Navona


Love the Piazza Navona scene


Piazza Navona – again


Pretty Roman side street


A cute pooch


Because we all carry pretty flowers in our bicycle baskets?


Strolling to the Vatican


That walk in to St. Peter’s square… (WOW)


Hello St. Peter


Mmmmm, Via Condotti


When in Rome…


A selfie on the Spanish Steps with my friend’s little girl. I’m modelling my *just bought* Prada sunnies.

IMG_2573 - Copy

Ancient Roma!


Glorious sunshine over Rome


Dreamy exterior


Al fresco dining


No water in the Trevi fountain on this trip!


Another visit to Via Condotti for *more* shopping


A final half hour chilling in the sunshine before heading home, modelling (again) my new Prada sunglasses (and hiding a multitude of sins!)

It was a lovely trip – nothing beats a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of every day life, right? In my “me time” plan I may have only got round to reading 20 pages of a book, but it was amazing to experience a (stunning) Italian wedding, see dear friends say “I do” and spend time in Rome with great friends. So I definitely feel a break, a holiday and fun has been had.


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