An Ibiza Love Affair

We all have many ‘happy places’ in life, right? Travelling to near and far places, experiencing new cultures, immersing in to vast amounts of history and exploring beautiful cities and paradises….And anywhere that tops up a healthy glow is a bonus in my book – wearing SPF30 of course…(okay maybe I’ll drop to SPF15 on my legs when they are sun-kissed).


#nofilter: Ibiza paradise

But what is it about Ibiza that keeps us going back year after year? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, a ‘raver’ or a ‘yoga-bunny’, a dancer or chillaxer – whatever your purpose, there’s so many of us in love with the tiny White Isle…

I’m not denying there are many who enjoy entering a certain Ibiza escapism and wilderness, full of debauchery and memories either best forgotten (if they haven’t already been forgotten before the flight home) but I love that I can immerse in to a world where those in their teens and early twenties are in the minority and where it’s more than acceptable to wear flip flops all day and night (leaving the Louboutin’s at home) and a messy up-do is more fitting than a perfectly groomed GHD curl…

Ibiza for me isn’t about raving and taking drugs (BIG no!), but about escaping to a nearby paradise just 2-hours away from London – combining a mix of quality time with friends, fun and LOLs, amazing cuisine, stunning sunsets (some of the best in the world) and sunbathing on great beaches whilst day-dreaming/thinking about wherever your brain takes you.

The taste of summer on Playa d’en Bossa beach

As for the music – of course an Ibiza trademark. (FYI I’m definitely not a hardcore EDM raver!) It’s obvious in recent years Ibiza has had to react to the demands and popularity of a variety of genres by hosting more commercial artists and DJs every year, by way of appealing to party goers. On top of the classic Ibiza-style dance acts, here you’ll now see anyone from Snoop Dogg and Tinie Tempah as well pool parties hosted by Kisstory, and some nights are now dedicating themselves to the 80s – with the likes of SNAP! making an appearing in Ibiza this summer.

Regardless of how many times I’ve been to Ibiza, there is always a new beach to visit, a new bar to try, a new venue to dance in and a new beach club to fall in love with. Here are my current faves and top recommendations…

Best beach club – BLUE MARLIN IBIZA

The sunset sky at Blue Marlin Ibiza

Set in its own stunning bay, the renowned Blue Marlin Ibiza oozes in class and style. Surrounded by fashionable know-hows and a beautifully stylistic setting, this day-to-night hideout respects the privacy of anybody who’s a somebody, and is a fun place to be (and to be seen at) all day and night. With gorgeous four-poster beds to relax on during the day and a restaurant serving excellent dining – Blue Marlin Ibiza offers an all-day luxury experience.

Blue Marlin evening

The scenic view is stunning as the sun fades, and not long after sundown you are left with dotted fairy lights, pink up-lighters in the trees and a fun party atmosphere playing great background music. For me, there’s nothing quite like Blue Marlin Ibiza anywhere else on the White Isle.

Best place to watch sunset – CAFÉ MAMBO

This part of San Antonio is renowned for bringing us the most beautiful and famous sunsets in Europe….


The best way to enjoy an Ibiza sunset is by reserving a seafront table at Café Mambo from 7:00pm to enjoy a lovely dinner and a few cocktails (the strawberry daiquiris are amazing), and to watch the scenic sunset.

Mambo Sunset

View from a Cafe Mambo seafront table

Afterwards, Café Mambo have great pre-party DJs, making it a one-stop destination for your entire evening (or before heading on to a club afterwards if desired). Any DJ/act that’s hip and happening happens here! The Mambo Brothers have certainly got a business formula right with this hangout!

Mambo Cocktail

Heavenly daiquiri cocktails at Mambo

Best club – PACHA


Me (middle) at Pacha with two of my faves

This famous club is legendary. You’ll never know what you’ll find or who you’ll meet at every corner.

When you want to dip out of the main room, check out the fun R&B room and the club’s gorgeous roof top terrace.

If you’re only going to experience one club in Ibiza, this iconic scene in the heart of Ibiza Town is a must, and bearable for the non-EDM raver (check the events calendar beforehand).

The decorative touches change every night, offering unique character to each event. Don’t miss the gift shop on your way out!

Best daytime fun – OCEAN BEACH

This summer I tested out my first pool party at the fun destination Ocean Beach.

Hosted by Kisstory, the music was right up my street – this was a day out very much worth the while. Reserve yourself a VIP bed (minimum spend easily met – you are there all day!),  and absorb the orange “Verve Clicquot” parasols dotted around, the large disco balls above the pool and the occasional aerialist – and simply have fun bathing, dancing in the pool and people-watching all day.

Ocean Beach Pan

Ocean Beach glamour – every pool needs a disco ball

The list of places to go in Ibiza is endless. An evening walking around the old town with a tapas dinner is great, or why not head over to the uber-chilled roof top bar at the Hard Rock hotel in Playa d’en Bossa for a cocktail with views of the beach and the old town. Other clubs worth checking out, so long as you like the DJs/acts playing are Ushuaia and Amnesia.

File 13-07-2015 21 51 36

Ibiza fun on every corner

I keep looking at my bank balance and partake in regular Whatsapp chat with my bestie on whether we can find a few days to go back again this summer. Ibiza is definitely a happy place for me and there’s so much more I want to experience – such as the yoga/healthy retreats in the north (is this a sign I’m not longer in my twenties?!).

There’s something very magical about Ibiza. The last couple of times I’ve been, I have been able to mentally step out of reality and everyday life – exactly what a ‘happy place’ holiday is all about.

Be warned though, the post-Ibiza holiday blues can be hard-hitting!



6 thoughts on “An Ibiza Love Affair

  1. Paul Stapleton says:

    I have to totally agree with every word you have said, apart from my favourite club is Eden. The island made me feel at home from the first minute I spent there and I always have trouble leaving at the end of my holiday. I have 2 weeks coming up in September and know that I will enjoy every moment of it and again feel like I’ve come home!
    I can walk round at any time, day or night, and still feel very safe, which is more than can be said about where I live in the UK.
    I love to get out and about to discover new places on the island.

    Liked by 1 person

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