Bienvenido a Miami

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SORRY for my radio silence! Please forgive me for having some time out and enjoying myself!

This last month has been pretty aces – getting lots of sun, enjoying some R&R and getting a stack load of future blog content.

After a slightly challenging year, I don’t need to explain why “time out” is good for us, why it’s needed every so often and how I’m slowly learning how important it is to look after number one and to enjoy the things one most enjoys in life – which for me is seeing the world, as well as spending time and having LOLs with some amazing people! I have the best friends!

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The beautiful Delano hotel

One of my oldest and dearest friend’s lives in New York. Having visited her a few times in the Big Apple over the years since she moved there 5 years ago (I’ve *almost* forgiven her for leaving London…) we met in Miami for a few fabulous fun days. It was my first time to Miami so I was *obvs* very excited to a) see her and b) see a renowned beach city…

On arrival, there is no stopping the Will Smith humming… “Party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach til the break of dawn. Welcome to Miami, Buenvenidos a Miami!”

With so many life topics to discuss and gossip to cover off (we hadn’t seen each other in over a year), my gal pal and I opted for an R&R kind of trip in the gorgeous South Beach.

STK Miami Surf n Turf

We stayed at the Delano hotel on Collin’s Avenue – WOW – what a masterpiece of a property! Stylish, chic, modern and oozing in luxury. The rooms were perfectly white and crisp, the pool is in a beautiful setting and the hotel’s Italian restaurant, Bianca, served excellent food all day. The sushi bar is great too. I adored the occasional quirky interiors that didn’t distract from the spacious white pillars as you walk through the hotel.

Two great restaurants to try in Miami’s South Beach are Villa Azur – serving beautiful French dishes in an al fresco setting, and of course the modern steakhouse STK Miami – their cocktail menu is divine (as is the food of course).

Delano interior lushness

One day we headed over to the infamous Nikki Beach – an all-day luxury & fun experience of sunbathing, cuisine and people-watching!

With only a handful of days in Miami, we stayed in the South Beach vicinity and enjoyed jogging (yes jogging!), walking and bike riding up and down the renowned boardwalk, absorbing the views of the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

We strolled along the legendary Ocean Beach. I loved seeing this recognisable backdrop to many movies and we came across Gianni Versace’s stunning mansion where he was famously shot.

Delano pool life

Miami is an Art Deco playground, where often you feel you’ve stepped back in time or on to a film set. I loved the urban vibe, mixed with a Spanish flair and the city-meets-beach offering.

I definitely want to come back – especially to check out more on the shopping front (I was on a budget and could not allow myself to be tempted!), and maybe to see an alligator further in land!? It’s my first visit to Florida, and I quite fancy a north to south Florida road trip – from Orlando through to the Keys…. I’d better start saving… And I’d better tell my New York bestie to start saving too!

I wrote a Miami piece for – I’d love for you to check it out by clicking here.

I heart summer!

I hope you’re enjoying summer too!



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