Pick Me Up!

photo 5Continuing my efforts for the British Thyroid Foundation, I have been featured in this week’s issue of Pick Me Up magazine here in the UK!

Appearing in a full page article, the feature talks through my story – focusing on my symptoms, side effects of treatment and turning my life around for the better (i.e. running the London Marathon last year)….

It raises much needed awareness of Graves’ Disease, which, for me, was so extreme it triggered a whole host of thyroid-related challenges and medical problems.

It’s the first piece of national magazine coverage I have been featured in for the subject, and it’s a little surreal seeing myself in a magazine!

I am glad to have been given another platform to talk about all things thyroid, helping to raise much needed awareness – and it’s fantastic to see the media recognising the thyroid as a needed topic of health conversation.

It’s on sale from today, for a week – if you’re in the UK please do pick up a copy!


photo 3


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