Flamingo Fashion Fever!

So flamingos are “my thing” – as slightly hinted from the name of my blog…

They’re pink and I admire their balance, and sometimes I secretly like to think I’m an undercover flamingo parading around with slender legs (wishful thinking) wearing a fabulous pink outfit in some gorgeous turquoise blue paradise.

For years now I have owned a stash of flamingo fashion and accessories – including print scarves, blouses, tops, cushions, candles and all sorts which may not have always been perceived as “on trend”, but I liked them…

So in recent years it’s become a building bubble of excitement to see my favourite animal become accepted by the fashion industry and appearing on our high street.

Or perhaps I started the trend? Ha ha – yeah right….

Does this come in my size?!

Does this come in my size?!

The reason for this post is I’m rather happy to have discovered (or actually been informed by a number of friends, colleagues etc) that M&S have brought in tops, a sweater, a blouse, umbrella, scarf etc – a *subtle* range of flamingo fun to inject in to our spring wardrobes.

In the image below I’ve selected my favourites. From left to right, flamingo print scarf £12.50, umbrella £15, flamingo print double-layer top £28, cotton rich embroidered jumper £29.50 and flamingo print pleat front top £15.

Shame the flamingo sparkle tutu swimsuit for up to 3-year olds doesn’t come in my size (or age?!) – that would have been spot on for my Ibiza trip this summer teehee… 😉


Flamingo Fever


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