Get over the January hangover

It’s dark by 4:30pm, it’s cold outside, we’re back to early get-ups (eugh), commutes and routines.

We’re broke from over-spending at Christmas. We’re “dry” from over-drinking. We’re having to take action in the fitness and diet department from over-eating. We’ve had to put our Christmas decorations back in to the toy box for a whole year.

January might be the most depressing month, but here are just 5 ways it doesn’t have to be one big hangover……

1 – Film award season is upon us!


The Theory of Everything is a must-see

With the awards season here, a lot of the films with award nods are out there in cinemas to enjoy NOW! From all the films I’ve had the pleasure of previewing recently, the film I’m championing this award season is The Theory of Everything. Romance, illness and physics – this biopic of Stephen Hawking touched every nerve in my body (reducing me to tears at both the preview screening AND the premiere itself). The movie is such an accomplished and moving masterpiece, with Eddie Redmayne’s accurate performance simply being out of this world. Definitely go see it!

2 – Plan your next getaway!

Photo 18-07-2014 19 43 10

Ibiza 2014. Excited for Ibiza 2015!

Done and done. I have a friend’s wedding in Rome later this year (stunning or what!) and me and my gal pals have our sights set on a trip to Ibiza this summer – my favourite European paradise.

In Essex-style (obvs) – Easyjet flights are sorted (or “sauted”) from Southend (or “Sarfend”) airport and our hotel is payment on departure – so it gives us time to save and yet it’s in the diary to look forward to from now – BOOM!


3 – Don’t stop – it’s pamper time!Photo 07-01-2015 23 53 17

With lots of nights in this month there is no better time to beautify ourselves after the over indulgence of all sorts during the party season.

Whatever your fancy – being long soaks in the bath with your favourite face and hair masks working their magic, an evening wearing mitts on hands overdosed in cream watching a Netflix series (my new craze is House of Cards – FYI) or simply using an orange stick to have those cuticles “be gone”.

4 – Run! Run! Run!

dmebizContrary to MOST decisions made in January, I have actually CANCELLED my gym membership – I kid you not…

I wasn’t using my membership enough and I much prefer to run outside, continue my pole “fitness” as well as courses such as bootcamp – I like to mix things up to keep fitness interesting.

My friends and I are taking part in a local half marathon this summer – so I have a reason to get outside and get fitter after some slight slacking recently…….

5 – Time for tea! 

Photo 18-10-2014 12 09 25 (1)

Lots of hugs n kisses

Last but not least….plan those weekly “cuppa nights” with friends. For the cost of a teabag and wearing cosy slippers on comfy sofas – there’s no better time to catch up with all our faves.

And of course – friends are the BEST therapy to get us through the January hangover…

Have a great January! 🙂



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