Host an event at Ham Yard!

Here in London we are spoilt with the wide variety of event spaces available. However, when organising an offsite boardroom-style meeting, finding the right venue can sometimes be the hardest task because so many options (new and old) quickly become tired from sudden bursts of media/fashion/beauty industry over-usage.

From my point of view (with my creative marketing hat on), you want a new and inspiring location with lots of character – especially when your delegates are a mix of media/creative/marketing roles.

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Get over the January hangover

It’s dark by 4:30pm, it’s cold outside, we’re back to early get-ups (eugh), commutes and routines.

We’re broke from over-spending at Christmas. We’re “dry” from over-drinking. We’re having to take action in the fitness and diet department from over-eating. We’ve had to put our Christmas decorations back in to the toy box for a whole year.

January might be the most depressing month, but here are just 5 ways it doesn’t have to be one big hangover……

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Spiralling in to control (with a courgette)

OKAY OKAY! Yes it’s January and yes it’s time to “get back on it”, but becoming a “health freak” is not in my DNA, nor do you want to see me grumpy due to lack of food.

My passion for food simply doesn’t give me the option to give up carbohydrates – ever – so please be assured I am not here to say “lose the carbs”.

Circa 7 years ago I lost nearly 4 stone (after a long medical problem causing excessive weight gain from a bunch of different drugs and treatment) and I didn’t give up carbs then, so why would I now? Everything can be enjoyed in moderation and weight can still be lost if you stick to a healthy and realistic program.

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