A body soft to touch!

I’ve always been a little bit addicted to body scrubs – I just love the smooth feeling of my skin afterwards – and I quite like trying different ones!

This weekend I’ve used the Ultimate Salt Scrub by Sanctuary Spa – I’ve tried it before, but I had forgotten just how amazing it is.Sanctuary

The sea salt scrub is gentle yet really effective – perfectly polishing away all of those dead skin cells – not only promoting new cells but leaving skin so super soft to touch.

This pampering treat also moisturises due to the almond, coconut and jojoba oils it contains.

This product is perfect to use one or twice a week, and on an evening before bed to allow the remaining residue of the rich mix of oils absorb in to your skin overnight. Or – if you’re like me – to use before snuggling up in front of the tele wearing a pair of cosy PJs. 🙂



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