Dance For Evermore with Si!

Being a huge lover of all things rock ‘n’ roll, soul and Motown, I always get very excited to discover new modern day artists who capture the influence of the early sixties.

Here in London we are so fortunate to be inundated with intimate live music venues – especially in Soho – so I was only too happy to head down to The Borderline last night to check out Si Cranstoun – branded as the new King of Vintage Soul.


Si Cranstoun at The Borderline in Soho last night

Me and my gal pal were thrown back to soul’s golden era (with a hint of pop) and yet we were mesmerised at his showmanship – energetic yet classically vintage – we loved it! There’s certainly no escaping a tap of the foot, or an occasional jive watching this guy!

And learning that Si spent years busking on the streets of the UK makes it even more of a delight to see artists like him get recognised.

Si Cranstoun’s debut album, Modern Life, is definitely worth a listen. My faves are Caught In The Moonlight, Never Gonna Let You Go, Twisting The Night Away and the new single Dance For Evermore!




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