Eat in the wild, down at Neal’s Yard

A lovely laid back Saturday, mooching around London’s Covent Garden with one of my best gals, and we found ourselves in the magical and iconic hideaway that is Neal’s Yard. In an instant you’re faced with inspiration, a handful of independent businesses promoting creativity and wellbeing.

With my job, I’m fortunate enough to experience many London eateries for breakfast and lunch meetings, so I made a pact with myself to be selective with restaurants that I blog about – ones that I am REALLY wowed by.

photo 2

The friend I was with had been wanting to try the Wild Food Cafe for a while – and not being a fussy eater I was more than happy to oblige and I especially enjoy finding new places to eat in London.

Wild Food Cafe’s concept is so satisfying and creative – featuring cuisine that uses only vegan and vegetarian ingredients with a combination of colourful, wild and plant-based foods – foods that are filling and exceptionally good for you.

Hidden upstairs in a building in Neal’s Yard, you are instantly hit with a burst of colour, a bustling vibe and an oasis of fresh food right before your eyes.

The place was packed, and being a sunny day we decided to order our food to go, which they make fresh on site, whilst you wait, and so I observed my surroundings – happy staff preparing food, mounds of fresh vegetables and yummy treats such as (gluten-free) banana bread, colourful decor and all-round innovation.

photo 1

Yummy bruschetta!

The imaginative menu lists a variety of inspiring dishes including their renowned “wild pizza” made from dairy-free coconut cheese, pesto, tomato & goji berry marinara, olives, artichoke hearts, avocado, as well as their “wild burger” made from shiitake, raw olive & dulse burger with in-house cultured Wild Sauce, salsa, caramelised onions, baba ganoush & crispy gem lettuce in a wholemeal sprouted organic wheatbread.

I opted for their “Living Bruschetta” made with cherry tomatoes, avocado, shallots and basil, topped on a generous slice of sourdough bread. Absolutely delicious! And I treated myself to a side of sweet potato wedges (shared with my friend!).

The words “vegan and vegetarian” cuisine may not instantly appeal to everybody, granted, even I have a weakness for meat and wheat-filled carbs – but seriously, do NOT knock this place until you’ve tried it!

And to know that everything you eat here is healthy, full of essential nutrients that one’s body needs for general wellbeing, is an added bonus. Whether you enjoy creative cuisine, or are following a healthy and nutritional diet (for whatever reason), definitely check out the Wild Food Cafe.



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