Taking the ultimo plunge

Bec Mone – founder Michelle’s daughter

If you’re anything like me and have a bust, you’ll agree how reassuring it is that the undies market is increasingly recognising the need for well fitted, comfortable, sexy and attractive bras!

I’ve just bought myself a fuller bust plunge bra from Ultimo that’s seam free, shapes my bust rather nicely, gives excellent support and doesn’t compromise on one’s cleavage! 😉

Priced at £27, I’m very happy to report that Ultimo are not punishing us “fuller bust gals” for “having a handful” by upping their prices of this new DD-G range. Instead they are keeping the price of their new DD-G collection the same as their A-D range!

I would upload a photo of me modelling my new bra, but instead I’ll leave that to the job of Michelle Mone’s (Ultimo founder) gorgeous daughter Bec Mone. I wouldn’t want to hurt your eyes now… 😉



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