Gripped to a pole!

I like to try new things – especially when it combines dancing, a backing track of Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” and a pole…


My new pole friend

In desperate need of a new “me time” hobby, I’ve signed up to a 6-week beginner’s course in pole dancing – and I absolutely loved my first session!

With only 8 of us in the room, I instantly felt intimidated standing there in my shorts and vest combo, but there was no time to panic as we did a quick stretch and warm up before our instructor had us climbing our way up our poles like monkeys (or trying to – at least).

In my hour session I managed to create numerous red (and raised) burns in my inner thighs and behind my knees from the tight grips and various positions I attempted on the pole – the bruises are coming out nicely – and I discovered my upper body strength is amazingly poor as I could barely hold myself up on the pole for more than 3 seconds.

But! I DID manage to maintain a headstand position, with my feet on the pole holding me in place, which was incredibly satisfying.

I don’t think I’ll ever have a successful career in pole dancing (!!)  – I’m clearly not cut out to be a professional, but I had so much fun with a bunch of gals all there with the same objectives (fitness and fun).

I’m looking forward to next week already and only wish I had space in my living room to have a pole installed so I could practice in the meantime!



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