Easy peasy flapjacks

I used to really enjoy baking, and then life took a few different busy directions, forcing my culinary skills to go straight to the bottom of the priority pile – I just never had time to cook in my kitchen. *My* kitchen – one I decorated with light pink walls, hints of flamingos and Cath Kidston, and a proud shelf of amazing cook books that once upon a time I’d spend hours working my way through…

It’s time I got back in to baking – it’s therapeutic, makes my home smell delicious (when it goes right!) and I do get a sense of joy turning up to a friend’s house with a fresh batch of baked treats – just as I did last night – and to receive compliments (for anything!) is always a smile-jerker.

Feeling like I needed to start up my baking skills with something relatively easy, I picked up my copy of “Baking Made Easy” by Lorraine Pascale and opted for her flapjacks. With just 4 key ingredients definitely makes this a safe bet…

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Eat in the wild, down at Neal’s Yard

A lovely laid back Saturday, mooching around London’s Covent Garden with one of my best gals, and we found ourselves in the magical and iconic hideaway that is Neal’s Yard. In an instant you’re faced with inspiration, a handful of independent businesses promoting creativity and wellbeing.

With my job, I’m fortunate enough to experience many London eateries for breakfast and lunch meetings, so I made a pact with myself to be selective with restaurants that I blog about – ones that I am REALLY wowed by.

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Taking the ultimo plunge

Bec Mone – founder Michelle’s daughter

If you’re anything like me and have a bust, you’ll agree how reassuring it is that the undies market is increasingly recognising the need for well fitted, comfortable, sexy and attractive bras!

I’ve just bought myself a fuller bust plunge bra from Ultimo that’s seam free, shapes my bust rather nicely, gives excellent support and doesn’t compromise on one’s cleavage! 😉

Priced at £27, I’m very happy to report that Ultimo are not punishing us “fuller bust gals” for “having a handful” by upping their prices of this new DD-G range. Instead they are keeping the price of their new DD-G collection the same as their A-D range!

I would upload a photo of me modelling my new bra, but instead I’ll leave that to the job of Michelle Mone’s (Ultimo founder) gorgeous daughter Bec Mone. I wouldn’t want to hurt your eyes now… 😉


Deeper than skin deep

Being a qualified beauty therapist I know only too well how important it is to look after your skin and one of my life’s rituals is to give myself facials at home.

Our skin can sometimes cave in to life pressures such as stress, lack of sleep, busy lifestyle, over-indulgence, hormones – the list is endless, and for me personally I’ve had a few weeks of light and interrupted sleep where my skin has clearly been in need of some TLC.

Raiding through my box of skin care and facial treats, I decided I wanted to give myself a deep-cleansing and nourishing facial to perk up skin which I felt was looking a little dull and lacking in any kind of radiance….

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Denim on Denim at New York Fashion Week

Olivia Denim

Olivia P did denim good

As we witnessed with her recent bridal look, Olivia Palermo can wear ANYTHING and still look amazing – like she did yesterday at New York Fashion Week with her “Double Denim” look.

Simply styled and effortlessly chic, Olivia wore denim on denim – combining a Topshop chambray top tucked in to a denim skirt by Black Orchid – a duo costing not more than £100. I do love a celebrity that doesn’t always have to stick to designer labels that the likes of you and I simply can’t afford.

Olivia Palermo finished her look with her own brand shoes, Rebecca Minkoff bag and Bobby Roache sunglasses.

**Mega Girl Crush Alert**