A little less conversation a little more action, please

So I’ve been catching up on all the news and antics from Elvis Week 2014 (one day I will get to Graceland to take part in the annual candlelight vigil and to see all the amazing impersonators – *sigh*).

(Before I forget, make sure you check out Memphis Jones – he gives the best and most fun coverage on his website as well as at elvisweek.com!)

I’ve always been a huge fan of Elvis, which is amusing to many of my friends seeing as he died 7 years before I was even a twinkle in an eye. My Dad has always been a huge fan, which may be of influence to me, but I seem to just have a natural toe-tap whenever I hear the sound of rock n roll.

Is it a combination of his heart-warming yet symbolic voice, that black (with a hint of blue) hair, those “I love you” (yes – me!) eyes, his swoon-worthy talk, those rock n roll moves???

People often ask me what my favourite Elvis song is, and in truth I cannot answer that question. The list of my faves is too long to pick just one song but it’s been a challenge just to pick my top 5, which are (in no particular order):-

  • American Trilogy
  • Viva Las Vegas
  • Wonder of You
  • Always On My Mind
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love

So writing this post I decided to listen to all five of these, on repeat, and then I realised that each have a meaning to me, a personal meaning – feelings that really hit a nerve.

I asked a few close friends what their favourite Elvis song was and why – and in all of their responses it was because it reminded them of a certain someone – a loved one (one instance – a special someone they had lost) or it reminded them of a particular memory or time (happy or sad).

Most people seem to think of Elvis as an upbeat, fast paced rock n roller (well not in his last years – bless him), but it seems to me and other genuine fans of his that I know well, feel his songs ooze emotion, and some really “hit home”, sentimentally…

American Trilogy purely hits home based on the lyrics – an amalgamation of three very strong songs in a symbolic effort to bring America together, and it was one of the most emotional (and last) performances of his career.

Viva Las Vegas makes me beam with excitement from my memories of holidaying in Sin City – aka partying, sunbathing, playing Blackjack and of course paying a visit to the pink flamingos at the Flamingo hotel (obvs).

Wonder of You. Wow. The perfect pick-me-up song about that one person in your life that makes you feel so in love you want to sing this song so loud from the rooftops, complete with air-grabbing hand moves, a trio of friends singing the “ahs and ohs” and a microphone (okay, I actually mean a hairbrush) to make sure everyone in the world knows about how wonderful that special someone is in your life. However, on the flip side, if you are feeling heart ache, this song certainly does encourage a slight achy heart…perhaps if you miss someone that was once upon a time, the absolute heart and soul of your world…

Always on my Mind. My gosh! Even on a good day I find this song hard to cope with without feeling my chest tighten, my eyes well up and my throat turn in to a frog. Listen up boys – if she makes you smile, your heart race a little, if she makes you laugh, feel sexy and cuddly and all round fuzzy in a happy way, then please don’t lose sight of her, whatever the situation. Tell her she’s beautiful and make sure you hold her – otherwise you will be singing this song about that doll, like the way Elvis sung it about Priscilla…

Last but by no means least, Can’t Help Falling In Love. Sometimes you just can’t help who you love, and how quickly you “fall”. With lyrics so simple, yet so perfect, you have no choice but to accept your feelings of affection and love. Again, potentially a tear-jerker, or a song that you play in the background whilst you hold and sway that guy you love. It’s okay to day-dream if he ain’t already yours…

Now, a little less conversation a little more action, please! 😉



I will get to Graceland one day!


2 thoughts on “A little less conversation a little more action, please

  1. Kelly Cunningham says:

    Picked up on your blog from a RT from Elvis Presley News! I’m only 22 and literally the biggest Elvis fan myself – I went to Graceland as part of my 18th birthday and it was the best thing ever, you have to go someday! I totally agree Elvis slow songs/ Gospel era are his best in terms of his raw talent. My favourite song is Memories – it’s just beautifully and sometimes embarrassingly to admit I have the lyrics “Memories sweetened through the ages just like wine” tattooed on me 🙂

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