V Festival 2014

I’ve been going to V Festival on and off for circa 15 years – and it’s always such a good weekend (although nowadays my 30 year old bones can only tend to handle just one of the days!).

The line-up is always pretty good, and this year on the Saturday at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, Essex was absolutely no exception.

On arrival the first act we saw was All Saints – an act I’d nearly forgotten about but I soon remembered all of the songs that made my school years fun – dancing around in baggy combats with my gal pals. Pure Shores (from the hit Leonardo Dicaprio film “The Beach”) is still to this day one of my all-time favourite songs and when they sung that my heart skipped a few beats to reminisce about my school years with my gal pals I was now (still) dancing with nearly 2 decades later… (My long standing friendships rock! #justsaying)

V Festival

Me and my gal pals at V Festival 2014 #ilovemyfriends

The rest of the day we saw a good mix of acts including Example, Miles Kane and Bastille – all awesome but the highlights for me were Tom Odell and John Newman. I could listen to Tom Odell all day – he is ridiculously talented – and his song “Grow Old With Me” actually makes me weep.  John Newman is a fantastic showman with a brilliant voice, and I think his inner “Elvis” with his rock n roll dancing legs is what makes me like watching him so much!

Ed Sheeran is a no-brainer, brilliant as always and of course we were lucky enough to have Mr Justin Timberlake headline and close the show. You forget how many successful hits this “trousersnake” has had over the years and he always puts on a brilliant show, still with a great voice and awesome dancing. Justin Timberlake definitely brings “sexy back” with every album he releases and only he can get away with finishing a song by holding his “trousersnake” and shouting “I still run this b*tch!” (At this point I could feel the heat from all the women – and probably some men too!)

V Festival wouldn’t be V Festival without the chaotic toilet queues (I’m very thankful I remembered my own tissues and hand gel for when it got to the evening), the girl that peaked too soon being violently ill in your path, cups of “liquid” thrown across the crowds and playing the game “spot the most horrendous V Festival fashion clichés”. This year flower headbands, face paint, matching patterned crop tops and leggings (WTF?) were in full show… And I thought I was “mixing it up” with my fluorescent pink Superdry sunglasses with blue lenses………

It’s an awesome day out with my gal pals – complete with wine, cider, greasy food, lots of dancing (all kinds), about 20 lipstick touch ups, lots of LOLS and ending with bodies aching so badly it hurts to walk the next morning – a definite sign of a great day.




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