Lace, leather, glitter


I picked up these new beauties today from French Sole.

Those that know me well will appreciate my love for all things lace, leather and glitter.

So when one comes across a pair of comfortable sneakers that mixes black lace, leather and glitter – well, for me that is instantly a done deal!!

When you’re forever dashing around town like me, being for business or pleasure, sometimes it’s nice to just not have to worry about the potential pains, cuts and aches from being on your feet all day in either heels or blistering pumps.

Don’t get me wrong, I love casual days where I can wear my Converse, but with the transition from summer to autumn just around the corner (sorry to say) and with pretty sandals only having another 3-4 weeks of life left for this year, I have been wanting a stylish pair of slip-on sneakers for ages – ones that I can get away with wearing on a Monday to Friday…

Now I can look forward to a season of wearing these with skinny jeans, tights and patterned trousers. And I’m pretty sure I’ll get a few wears with a little denim skirt before the summer is out…

A purchase completely justified then!




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