Fitness meets fashion – hurrah!

I’ve always enjoyed keeping fit – whether it’s running, boot camp or the occasional spin class, and I’m still amazed at how I managed to complete the London Marathon this year!

I’m pretty sure there are so many women out there, like me, who enjoy exercise but as a result of being blessed with boobs and “curves” (aka hips and a bottom) find it difficult to shop for a workout wardrobe that is flattering, fashionable and yet still gives support.


The vests and leggings are nice enough for when I’m meeting friends for coffee

I had heard of Ilu – gym gear designed to be stylish as well as offering good support – so I decided to give them a try recently and I was so pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I felt during my workout!!

I stocked up on a few more outfits and I now feel so much more confident exercising since my fitness wardrobe (finally) has a hint of style – especially when running out on the streets.

I spent years in the gym wearing baggy t-shirts, two sports bra (yep two) and (horrendous) jogging bottoms because curves are in my DNA and therefore I was always jealous of those girls who could simply wear crop tops, tight vests and hot pants whilst working out (major hiss).

Not anymore – hooray!

Ilu are offering 20% off when you shop online at before the end of August – just enter Bloggers20 at the checkout.

You’re welcome 🙂



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