A little less conversation a little more action, please

So I’ve been catching up on all the news and antics from Elvis Week 2014 (one day I will get to Graceland to take part in the annual candlelight vigil and to see all the amazing impersonators – *sigh*).

(Before I forget, make sure you check out Memphis Jones – he gives the best and most fun coverage on his website as well as at elvisweek.com!)

I’ve always been a huge fan of Elvis, which is amusing to many of my friends seeing as he died 7 years before I was even a twinkle in an eye. My Dad has always been a huge fan, which may be of influence to me, but I seem to just have a natural toe-tap whenever I hear the sound of rock n roll.

Is it a combination of his heart-warming yet symbolic voice, that black (with a hint of blue) hair, those “I love you” (yes – me!) eyes, his swoon-worthy talk, those rock n roll moves???

People often ask me what my favourite Elvis song is, and in truth I cannot answer that question. The list of my faves is too long to pick just one song but it’s been a challenge just to pick my top 5, which are (in no particular order):-

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V Festival 2014

I’ve been going to V Festival on and off for circa 15 years – and it’s always such a good weekend (although nowadays my 30 year old bones can only tend to handle just one of the days!).

The line-up is always pretty good, and this year on the Saturday at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, Essex was absolutely no exception.

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A baking treat!

I have to confess, I am not the best cook in the world. I just don’t have time to spend hours baking – but I do like to “give it a go” occasionally…

When I was invited to my dear pal’s homemade Afternoon Tea party, I wanted to make a culinary effort and bake something (really quick and easy!).

So I knocked up some very easy-peasy chocolate orange pastries – and here is my “how to”…

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