Hello to Flamingo Monroe

Welcome to Flamingo Monroe!

I’ve recently turned 30 and in need of a new hobby. There’s only so much you can clog up Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feeds of friends, family, work colleagues and people you once met on an 18-30s holiday before appearing too annoying – especially if you don’t actually have much in common (and it’s way too awkward to “defriend”).

I love reading blogs written by people I’ve never met and living half way round the world – and especially those on the same wave length at me when some days YOU are not the problem, the problem is simply everybody else (or I like to think so!)

So I’ve decided to start my own blog. Not because I want to earn money from it (wishful thinking) but to blog about stuff that I like as well as giving advice and expressing opinions – all of which I hope will be of interest to others.

A fairly accurate self-constructed mood board

Here are my top 10 “Need-to-Knows”…

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