Step Up Steps Up!

I saw a preview earlier this week of the fifth instalment of the Step Up films – Step Up: All In and unashamedly I loved it!

It’s always a good start to a film when one of the first scenes is a judge saying to a group of (rather buff) male dancers, “Take your shirts off”.


Moose & Camille

The dancing is amazing (even better and more creative than ever before) and the music featured is genius – including nods from NERD (amazing), Tinie Tempah and Usher.

What made it awesome for me was seeing previous Step Up cast members coming back for the film – including Sean (Ryan Guzman), Andie (Briana Evigan), Moose (Adam Sevani), Camille (Alyson Stoner), the amazing robotic dancer Vladd (Chadd Smith) and of course The Santiago Twins (Facundo & Martin Lombard).

It wouldn’t be a Step Up film without a handful of cheesy lines, an uncomplicated plot (friends coming together in Las Vegas to battle for a victory that could see their lives changed forever – BOOM!) and the occasional dose of bad styling for (uber hot-bod) Andie, but if you’ve remotely enjoyed any of the previous Step Up films then this will NOT disappoint you!!


Andie and Sean

FYI – I really want to be in LMNTRIX’s dance group – sadly I don’t think I quite qualify…



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